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Air Conditioning Is Not Quick Off


With the official announcement on March 3 of "place air regulator limits the value of electricity efficiency and electricity efficiency levels, "the introduction of obligatory national specifications, beginning on June 1 this year, some higher electricity consumption Air conditioning Will be eradicated, the state will quit the power performance of air conditioning on two fiscal subsidies, and an power effective air conditioning to 50% after accounting for subsidies will finish, wellness, Vitality And successful air conditioning products will turn out to be the protagonist of the marketplace.

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The encounter of soaring uncooked substance and labor costs, the state coverage of phasing out electricity subsidies, in 2010 buyer trends in the finish how the air conditioning business, air-conditioning market operators how to adapt to adjust, a time of heated discussion between the public It is understood that the fluorine-free Europe and JapanInverter air conditioner Have attained 100% penetration, the United States from January 1, 2010 banned the R22 refrigerant and air conditioner refrigerant R142b (fluoride air conditioning) production and imports. In accordance with the "Montreal Protocol" provides our nation will also advantage from this year to cycle out R22 refrigerants on the agenda. This reporter has realized, Haier, Midea, Matsu%#&@$!a And other key air conditioning producers are steadily escalating the proportion of inverter air conditioner goods. March 3, in Gome Air-conditioning market summit, Gome and 22 businesses signed a 10.9 billion yuan air conditioning air conditioning acquire orders, to respond positively to wellness, energy effective air-conditioning trends, and by means of active procurement, boost marketplace provide and to tackle achievable air conditioning charges situation.

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Related statistical info, as of December 31, 2009, the region to market one or two vitality-productive power-conserving air-conditioning 4.2 million models, is the year 2008 Offer 3 occasions the quantity of, power efficiency, marketing of energy-saving air-conditioning marketplace share from about 5% just before rising to 50%. The third " Assignments that benefit the power-saving products"To advertise power productive air conditioning catalog has been printed so far a complete of 27 finalists 4290 product types. In 2010 with 1 or two power-successful air-conditioned mass scale creation, will inevitably deliver down manufacturing costs. One, two vitality performance Air conditioning will become mainstream, it is the chosen replacement air conditioning items. Consumption has also air conditioning refrigeration and heat is not only the temperature regulators, air-conditioning items in the urban households, whilst extremely well-known in the part of household existence is slowly transforming.

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Air conditioning products at this stage merely a breakthrough in the classic sensation of cooling and heating functions, integrating a lot more technology and characteristics to improve the top quality of daily life of consumers: the capability to monitor indoor air top quality, disinfection, air purification, production activated carbon to boost air top quality, intelligent Handle, colorful appear, and so on., which are totally reflect the modern day household appliances in improving people's top quality of existence played an energetic role. Just before air-conditioning industry has been the weather conditions variables, the standing of income by day with the air-conditioning merchandise to improve large-tech features are modified, buyers yr-round air conditioning as a necessity of existence. The number of favorable policies to stimulate nationwide, and air-conditioning in House Part in lifestyle modifications, air conditioning income will take place off-time is not quick of the standard income pattern.

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