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Former Legend Vince Young Has Once-in-a-lifetime Opportunity to Redeem Career


Ealges quarterback Vince Young has the rare opportunity to begin a redemption procedure on his otherwise really discouraging NFL career, and conquering the brand new York Giants would be a huge first step.

Having one legitimate shot(Michael Vick Jersey) within the NFL is difficult enough, so Young ought to be counting his blessings and thanking his lucky stars that he very possibly might have a shot at a second chance.

Young signed with the Eagles as a backup for superstar quarterback Michael Vick, who is often injured and it has been incredibly inconsistent this year.

His thought had to be he would eventually find some playing amount of time in relief of Vick, and now he's finally gotten his shot inside a huge divisional game on Sunday Night Football from the New York Giants.

He's arriving as the backup and replacement(Michael Vick Jersey), but once a long time ago when Young was considered a star in this league and was called "the next big thing" in the NFL.

After a stellar and explosive career at Texas, Young was drafted No. 3 overall by the Tennessee Titans in 2006, who had the hopes he would become their franchise quarterback and lead them to NFL glory.

Young never lived as much as the expectations, despite the fact that he did have some impressive moments.

In 5 years with the Titans Young, went 689-of-1,190 for 8,098 yards, 42 touchdowns and 42 interceptions, which is a long way away from the superstar hopes the organization had for him.

In the end, he proved unable to cope with pressure of being an NFL quarterback, or at best that is what a lot of his critics believed.

Young includes a new chance with the Eagles(Michael Vick Jersey), and even though he probably won't overtake Vick as the starter, he is able to definitely win over the team and the remaining league.

At 3-6, the Eagles are a far cry from the division-leading 6-3 Giants, but they can begin making up that gap and maybe turning things around before it's too late having a win.

Young can enjoy a big part in that turnaround having a big game.

Some people believe that it continues to be closed on Vince Young(Michael Vick Jersey) as a starter within this league.

Tonight, he can take a huge step towards redeeming his career.

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