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Welcome to the Member Advocate page on MiGente.com!


Since you are reading this you know we recently launched blogs! Hooray for us! We are very excited to give you yet another tool to meet people and express yourself.

Many members have told us that we don't do a great job of communicating site changes to our members. We hope to change this with the addition of this blog which we will update on a regular basis. We hope this interactive tool will help us help you maximize your site experience.

While the addition of blogs is very exciting to us it is not all that we have done! Our product development team has been busy at work creating new products and enhancing existing ones based on your feedback.

Did you know we also launched videos? After you upload a video you can email it to others and you can also comment on member videos. If you find a video you like you can save it as one of your favorites. To add a Video click on the Video tab at the top of your personal page and follow the instructions. Once you upload a video it will appear as a widget on your personal page.

Thanks for reading this blog post. Check back often for site updates, instructions on how to use new tools, company updates and highlights from a day in the life of member services.

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