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Hotels in Kent


But Beauport Park in Sussex has been called after Quebec's Beauport, rather than the more usual other approach around, by Gen. Adam Murray. He fell in love with the beguiling pioneer settlement when he was Governor of Quebec and later Governor of Canada, and wanted something to remind him of it after he returned to his home in He uk.

Stroll through the 33 acres of non-public woodland surrounding the handsome Georgian manor that is now Beauport Park Lodge, and you'll know how it must have felt when Murray lived there - except that he owned 2, 000 acres then.

The first mansion was swept by fire in the 1920s, but restored within almost identical style. And except for a thoroughly modern swimming pool, the formal gardens where you can loll the day away in the event the weather co-operates are much like they were too.

You can relax by a roaring log fire in the elegant lounge on chilly days. Or putter round the putting green, play hockey, golf or squash; or join the horsey set for a brisk trot along restful country lanes.

It must be admitted that the food served inside romantic dining room ignoring the statue-studded Italianate terrace isn't as much the haute cuisine peaks that contain won the other two hotels from this trio their clusters associated with stars and mentions in so many Best Restaurants of the modern world lists. But it's shockingly good by most country hotel standards - they dote on flambes and prepare them with loving flourish.

Their prices aren't around the high standards of the other two either. It's about $96 a night for just two in a regular master bedroom, which includes such pleasant touches as hair dryers, trouser press and tea-makers along with the usual modern conveniences; up to $124 for a suite which includes a four-poster bed.

Beauport Park is halfway relating to the twin-named towns of Struggle and Hastings (near by the site of the Battle of Hastings). If you aren't driving it's easier to find a cab for the five-kilometer get from busier Hastings. But if you're happening by train when you leave, get the hotel to set up for a cab to battle - it's a disgrace to miss the stylish old railway station within a converted church there.


Near Innovative Milton, Hampshire

People can't say the nice those that run the Chewton Glen Lodging don't do everything they can to make life easy for you.

They know a lot of their jet-set guests pick up a drive-yourself car when they arrive at the airport, to go to Chewton Glen. Additionally know how tiring unfamiliar roads may be after a long airline ticket. So they thoughtfully suggest you might have your drive-yourself car delivered directly to the hotel "to await your arrival, " and they'll send out their chauffeur-driven Jaguar in order to satisfy you at the airport and whisk want you to their sumptuous Hampshire hideaway bordering the brand new Forest "so you may well complete your journey with calm and comfort. "

That costs $290 from Gatwick, $250 with Heathrow. Hotels in Kent, Kent Accommodation Is in for a Shock!

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