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Dentistry In The US


A bachelor's degree is required for an applicant to be accepted in a dental school. Undergraduates should concentrate on science-related courses like chemistry and biology. The Dental Admissions Test is also a requirement. Dental schools look at an applicant's score in the DAT as well as recommendations from professors or supervisors. Studying in a dental school is not simple and easy, it will take 4 years to graduate and it is a commitment.

Students should be diligent in studying subjects like biochemistry, physiology, anatomy and microbiology. They will also learn about clinical practices, professional ethics and safety procedures. All dentists are supposed to be licensed in the state that they work in. The licensure exam includes written and practical tests. Dentists should have excellent vision, they should be able to distinguish shapes, colors and space. Dentists should have good communication skills and discipline. Of course, dental equipment will be used in their practice, so dentists should know how to use their tools correctly.

Lastly, each dentist will be working with assistants, receptionists and technicians. He or she should be able to work well with them. The average annual income of dentists in the US is above $134,000. This was back in 2006. It is expected for jobs under the field of dentistry will still be available and remain that way in the next ten years. It is also predicted that the most number of jobs will be available in urban places in the US. Being a dentist is not easy but is rewarding.

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