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Can Women Ever Dare to Be Beautiful Again?, how to be beautiful, how to do make upLearning how to pick up beautiful women takes a whole different set of tactics. You want to make sure that you look pretty but also like yourself, so use natural shades of eyeshadow, like gold and peach and shades of white shimmer, but do not overdo the eye make up with things like dark blue or black colors, and then you want to keep the lips bright and juicy, so that when you talk they will tempt your date somewhat. But you don't want to use a very vibrant lip shade because then you risk getting it on your teeth and embarrassing yourself. One way to avoid this is to coat your teeth with a layer of petroleum jelly, this will keep the lipstick off and also will give your teeth a bit of a sheen as well so that when you laugh it will catch the light and give you a very glamorous appearance.

Once your make up is determined, you can easily figure out what to wear. Anything goes at this point, as far as colors go, you can wear a basic black dress which no one can ever really go wrong with, or you can wear a color that really suits you, like pink or rose or red or green, but try to avoid really flashy type outfits, unless you are going to a disco or some kind of costume party, because you want nothing to distract from you specifically. You want to be the one that commands his attention and his desires, not what you are wearing and do not wear anything too revealing. It is important to hide the goods, not just for the sake of mystery, but because you want to put forth an impression of self respect.

Every woman needs to see herself beautiful at work, at home, at parties, on the street, all the time - this is our nature. We are here to help with a few hair care tips on how to grow healthy and beautiful hair without spending too much time or money, as the gorgeous locks are an important aspect of woman's beauty.

How to start?

At least every two months cut your hair to eliminate split ends and some damaged strands. This is important not only because the split, damaged ends don't look good, but they cut back the growing power of the strands. The regular trimming makes hair healthier and stronger.

Once or twice monthly apply special hair treatment, according to your hair type. For dry locks use nourishing hair treatments, based on oils and for oily locks choose lighter hair treatment, based on herbal extracts, like nettle, rosemary, lavender.

Do not use very rich conditioner if you have thin hair, it will weight down your locks. Also avoid perm, coloring with permanent dyes, as well straightening using the hair dryer. If you use hair dryer, hold it at a minimum distance of 30 cm and at average heat.

Try not to wash your hair every day, once every two or three days is better. Otherwise, you risk to overdry your locks and to make your sebaceous glands work more intensively. Always use a shampoo suitable for your hair type; preferably sulfate, parabens, petrochemicals and other harmful chemicals free and preferably with natural ingredients. Rinse your hair thoroughly to remove all the residue of shampoo that can damage your strands and scalp. And better dry your hair immediately, instead of leaving it wrapped with a towel for a long time, if you want a perfect styling.

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