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The Girl Friend Experience


Also Known As GFE

When your plane lands where you handle business and the robot of a flight attendant tells you that they're allowing you to turn on your cellphone, you're pleasantly surprised to find that you've received new text messages.

"Have you landed?"

"Have you come yet?"

"Text me back "

After you pick up your bags and get in a cab, off to the hotel you go. But you're not going to be alone. You're having company. Spending time with who you want, when you want, and having a blast all the way.

The Ultimate Girl Friend Experience.

The team here at Mr. After Hours knows that life is short and that time is of the essence. No one wants to be alone, everyone gets lonely But no more sappiness! It's time to live it up!

You're busy. You're travelling. You're leaving home to go off and handle business. But business lasts how long? You shake hands, lay the offer, sign the paperwork and you're done. But your flight is leaving two days later since you booked that extra time just in case something went wrong.

Who wants to waste two nights in a hotel room? The mini bar isn't that satisfying!

Life is short. Have fun. Wherever you may go, you can always find someone, anywhere, to give you your much deserved Girl Friend Experience!

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