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Visit the Top Attractions in Manila - Museums and Churches


Test Equipment, Visit the Top Attractions in Manila - Museums and Churches, Information on the Best Hotels in Downtown SingaporeManila, a capital city of Philippines is the world's eleventh largest metropolitan area located on the eastern shores of Manila Bay. It is also the chief seaport of the country. This city hosts everything right from incredible attractions to exciting nightlife, shopping, sports and more. With such amazing tourist attractions and activities, Manila ensures a lot of enjoyment and entertainment to its visitors. The major tourist attractions of this city are museums and churches.

If you are on vacation with your family in Manila then there is no other better option to visit than Museums. The list of Manila museums includes - the Cultural Center, the Financial Center of the CCP Complex, Ayala on Makati Avenue, the National Museum, the San Agustin Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Lopez Memorial and the University of Santo Tomas Museum. Out of these the most famous ones are National Museum, San Agustin Museum and University of Santo Tomas.

The National Museum was established in 1901 as the Insular Museum of Natural History, Ethnology, and Commerce. This mainly exhibits artworks of 19th-century that is related to the entire history of Manila city. San Agustin Museum features ecclesiastical art collection with old paintings of saints and colonial religious art. This is an old monastery attracting large number of people. While University of Santo Tomas exhibits many species of flora and fauna of entire Philippines.

Churches are the other major attractions of the city. People looking for divine peace mostly visit these holy sites. There are many famous churches in the city but the most popular and internationally known one is San Agustin Church. It was founded during the Spanish colonial period, hence this is considered as the oldest church and is also claimed to be the oldest building among all the surviving buildings in the Philippines. The Philippine government has declared it National Historical Landmark and the UNESCO has declared it the World Heritage Site. Therefore, people from across the world come to see this wonderful church.

After the sightseeing, the best activity that every visitor can enjoy here includes shopping. Manila hosts number of shopping malls and market streets that are mostly found in the areas of Malate and Ermita. Apart from shopping malls and shops, you can find the first-rate clubs and bars too in these areas that offer exotic nightlife.

The main part of any vacation is lodging. People first look for comfortable accommodation and then go for sightseeing. While on vacation here, you need not trouble much for appropriate accommodation as there are many hotels, motels, inns and resorts in the city ranging from cheap to luxury. If you are with tight budget then must choose to stay into one of the cheap hotels, this way you can reduce much of your expenditure. Unlike, if you can spend lavishly to enrich your vacation then lodging in one of the finest luxury hotels is the best option. The major luxury hotels of the city are mostly found in downtown area.

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