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Buying Car Registration Numbers


To some people car number plates are simply a means of identifying a vehicle or its owner. This rather simple description however is rapidly becoming extinct as more and more people buy car number plates to add a personal touch to their vehicles and make them stand out in the crowd. This new trend has been known all over United Kingdom.

The face of the number plates in the world has widely been influenced and well promoted by the rapid growth of the internet. This was observed because in the past years there were only few number plate dealers who operate in the UK. Finding a number plate involved trawling threw lists thousands of registrations advertised in the press. This method became obsolete when car number plate dealers started to use the power of the internet to look for millions of car registrations. Having been laid with plenty of car registrations a first time buyer might have a hard time picking which is which. But if you have decided which type of registration you'll get based on your budget you'll be at ease.

You will discover the order of prices for registration numbers when you buy car number plates . From as little as £99 to over £100000, there is a number plate to suit every budget. The price of a number plate is dependant several factors include the age, rarity and popularity of the registration. There is an 80 Euro DVLA transfer fee that was found out to be suitable to all number plate purchases and a VAT that is present in sales .

If your budget is not that big you may purchase an affordable number plate by using a prefix style order of registrations for your initials. You can purchase number plates with your initials including the VAT and transfer fee for 300 Euros . Irish number plates are also a cost effective option if you want to buy car registrations. These include the letters I and Z so car registrations with names such as WIL, GIL and CAZ can be found at cheap prices.

If you want reputable registrations you may look for dateless and preferred number plates . A dateless registration has no age indicator and can be designated to an age vehicle irrespective of age. Examples of dateless registrations are A 99, 95 PR, TMB 213 and JJ 3461. One of the most preferred car registrations are those number plates with low numbers or the sole number 1.

There are two choices on offer when you buy car registrations from a number plate dealer like . The first is to have the car registration number assigned to your vehicle. You don't have to pay for this. You will need to send the dealer your V5 logbook, MOT certificate (if applicable) and a photocopy of your tax disc. After submitting the requirements to the dealer you will receive a new tax disc which has your new car registration and an updated MOT. All V5 logbook which shows the private registration follows the DVLA Swansea.

The next choice is to purchase the car registration number in certificate. These certificate are legitimate for 12 months and needs to be renewed yearly. Buying a registration on certificate is a great option if the private number plate is a gift or you wish to assign the number plate at a later date. A DVLA number plate certificate enables you to buy car registration numbers even if you do not have a car to put it onto yet.

When you have a new registration number assigned to your vehicle you must remember to inform your insurance company. If you already have a new registration number assigned to you your car will not be involved in other costs pertaining to the ownership of a personal number plate.

If you need additional information about DMV vehicle registration and Florida DMV registration you can find more articles online.

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