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Fast cleaning tips from pros


The dining room is often the easiest room to spring clean. It can also be the most rewarding as you wash and polish some of your favorite dinnerware, keepsakes, and decorations. Take your time and enjoy. Let's look at a simple room-at-a-time plan for the dining room.

Begin by dusting from top to bottom. If you begin with the window and door frames, the doors themselves, and any trim along the ceiling, you'll get the dust knocked down where you can vacuum it up.

Windows in your dining room would also be washed at this point, once the trim around the window is dusted and wiped down. Also, if you have any window treatments, it's time to take them down and air them out, or wash them as necessary.

If your dining room lighting fixture is large or complicated, or requires special attention, tackle that next. Then continue your dusting (I prefer a microfiber cloth) of the buffet, side tables, main tables, and any decorations and centerpieces you may have.

If you have a buffet filled with dishes, you may want to remove those at this time and put them in the kitchen to be washed.

Time for a bit of help again if you have heavy furniture to move. You'll be vacuuming, mopping, or polishing floors at this point, so get some help.

If you are able, move any furniture such as the buffet away from the wall so you can vacuum next to the floor boards and wipe the floor boards as well. If you can't move the buffet, use your extension tools to vacuum under the buffet and get as close to the wall as possible.

Continue vacuuming and mopping the floor as necessary.
Re-hang your draperies or other window treatments at this time.

The heavy work is really done at this time. The rest of the job involves more fun.

It's a good time now to give your table and buffet any special treatment it needs, such as oiling or waxing. Take care to include the chairs in this treatment.

Now, bring in your washed dishes and put them back where they belong and replace any other knick-knacks you may have removed while you were cleaning.

If you find you have more time and lots of energy, now is a good time to clean out the buffet drawers or shelves and wash any linens stored. Washing or polishing any special service pieces would complete your task.

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