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When My Son Broke One Of His Teeth, I Found A Wonderful Dentist In Norristown!


If you are trying to find a dentist in norristown, I have definitely found the best one. My teenage son is fanatical about his high school sports teams, and he spends just about every weekend watching some sporting event at the school. Of course, it doesn't hurt that he's dating a cheerleader and sometimes that's the only time that he gets to see her on weekends. One night last month, my son was watching a hockey game and the crowd was thrilled that their team was beating their high school rivals.

About thirty minutes into the game, the puck flew off the ice and smacked my son right in his perfect smile. He wasn't even paying attention, probably too distracted by his girlfriend and it came out of nowhere and got him right in the mouth.

The only bright part in all of this was that it was merely one tooth that got broken, and it could have been much worse. At the time, though, I was in a fright because I wanted to find a dentist in Norristown that could repair the tooth so that it would look like nothing was wrong.

I asked some colleagues for any suggestions and searched online and found a dentist that looked like they would do a good job.

I made an appointment for the next morning and told my son, who was quite relieved. We went in for the appointment, and after looking at the tooth, the dentist assured us that it could definitely be fixed. My son even gave me a big hug and gave the dentist a high-five because he was so relieved that his tooth problem could be fixed so quickly and without any major issues or problems. You are provided a top quality information that can be found with norristown dentist.

I am certain that this Norristown dentist is a miracle worker, since when he was finished, you could not even tell that anything had ever been wrong with his teeth. My son was so glad to have his dazzling smile back, and was ready to go flashing it around at his cheerleader girlfriend again.

I am sure that we found the very best dentist for our needs and the nice thing is that if we need even simple services like teeth whitening in Norristown, PA, we know where to turn. If it were not for this amazing feat of dentistry, my handsome son might have to spend the rest of his life with an awful gap in his smile. View Photobucket for additional information that is beneficial to you.

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