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Answering Services Aren't Just For Doctors


When you phone your doctor's office late in the evening, there's a good chance you are speaking with a phone answering service.

These types of companies are really common in the healthcare industry because people often have things they need addressed when the office isn't available.

However, physician's offices aren't the only kind of business that can take advantage of a phone answering provider. In fact, many different kinds of businesses can find more success by having another company handle their calls after hours. Read more about small business answering service here.

A small business answering service is a business that handles phone answering for a variety of different small businesses. They work as an extension of the company they are working for, answering the calls in their name.

As stated before, telephone answering services for small businesses work for a variety of companies, including HVAC contractors, IT companies, plumbers, travel agents, real estate agents, and more.

By using the service to answer their calls, they can better serve their customers and earn business when their office is closed.

Here is an example using an HVAC contractor:

The HVAC contractor leaves the office at 5. But at 6 p.m., a customer of theirs loses their furnace. It is the middle of winter. What are their choices? Well typically they would pick up the Yellow Pages and find someone open 24-7. However, since they already have a relationship with a HVAC company, they'd rather work with them. So they contact the company number and hope to reach someone.

If the contractor uses telephone answering service, a live person will answer that call and dispatch the customer's information to a technician. The customer will be happy and the HVAC company will earn more revenue.

Other HVAC companies, even some who say they operate 24-7, use voicemail to communicate after hours. That means that when someone, they have to leave a message and hope that they are respodned to. There is no assurance that the matter will be taken care of, so they end up calling another company. Check out this to know more about business answering service .

As this one common example shows, having a telephone answering service makes a big different. People expect to speak to someone directly when they need help, and if they can't reach anyone, they move on. With a business answering service, you can always be available.

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