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At Home Hair Loss Treatment - Natural Hair Loss Remedies!


You will get a mild pasty consistency. Then squeeze the juice of a lemon or two. Use this vitamin C rich solution to wash your hair. The solution will foam. Work your hands into the roots of the hair till the foam is profuse. After fifteen minutes of this treatment, you can wash it off. This kind of treatment will not only treat hair loss, but it will also make the hair blacker, denser, longer and softer. A month of this treatment on a daily basis will show you the positive results.

Remedy # 3

Boil some udad daal (lentils) in water. When boiled enough, let them cool. Then mash the daal and apply it vigorously on the hair, working at the roots. This treatment provides proteins to your hair, which is very necessary for their proper growth. Within a few days of this continuous treatment, your hair loss problems will begin to dwindle.

Remedy # 4

This treatment works for alopecia, i.e. baldness or thinness of hair. Take a dry ripe amalaki fruit and grind it to a powder. Put this powder in coconut oil or chameli (Jasminum grandiflorum, Spanish Jasmine) oil. Use this oil to massage the scalp. Then put this solution in water and wash the hair thoroughly. Continue this for a month to observe benefits. You must also chew on the dry amalaki fruit several times a day.

Remedy # 5

If your hair is thinning out, then the following remedy can help. Prepare a mixture of the powders of the seeds, leaves and peel of a pomegranate. Add this to mustard oil. Keep it on a flame. The powders will begin to get cooked. When the powders seem cooked enough, then strain the oil through a cloth and collect the filtrate in a bottle. Cork this bottle. Apply this oil twice or thrice on the scalp in a day. Within a few days, hair loss will stop and new hair will begin growing.

Remedy # 6

Grind some green coriander and extract the juices from it. Use these juices to massage onto the scalp. This will make your hair soft and black and stop hair loss. This remedy is simple but it is so effective that it can even make hair grow back on the scalp. Hence it is looked upon as a treatment for alopecia.

Remedy # 7

This is not a specific remedy, but it is a general method to care for your hair to stop hair loss in the future. Collect one tablespoon of powder of shikakai (Acacia concinna, acacia) and ritha (Sapindus mukorossi, soapnut). Add this powder to half pint of water and boil it. When the boiling has taken place properly, then cool it, strain it, and use the filtrate as you would use a regular shampoo. This is the best natural shampoo in the world, and perhaps the world's oldest pH balanced shampoo. Daily using this shampoo will keep all hair loss problems at bay.

Treatment with Special Ayurvedic Methods

Bhringaraja is the drug of choice for hair problems. It is either taken orally or is used for massaging the scalp on a daily basis in the form of Maha Bhringaraja taila or Nilibhringadi taila. hair thinning remedies, Hair Loss Treatment, Hair Loss RemediesLosing hair is inevitable for many people, though there are natural remedies out there than can help to prevent such a thing from happening.

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