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How to Write a Bereavement Thank You Note Including Thank You Note Examples


Writing bereavement thank you notes to exhibit your gratitude to everyone with helped you to deal with a bereavement can be a very painful process, but etiquette demands that thanks a lot notes be directed. Some of the people you have got to think about sending bereavement thank you notes to are generally:

  • People who have sent flowers or cards to specific their sympathy to your loss

  • Individuals who attended the funeral or memorial assistance

  • Men and women that helped make the service special including the religious / secular service leader and any choir and musicians

  • Individuals who provided To continue reading more about sincerely scent follow the rest of this post. professional services together with your funeral home / undertaker, your florist, your doctor, your solicttor

I have written these thank you note examples to help make the task of writing thanks a lot notes easier in your case at this problematic time. I hope that you find some thank you wording here that you feel comfortable to help copy and use in your own thank you paperwork.

Sample Thanks a lot Notes For After a Bereavement

Costly Marion

Thank people for attending Andrew's funeral service. It was very comforting for the family that you could actually join us and to reminisce about more content times. We were touched by your kindness and very grateful for any lovely flowers.

Andrew lived the whole and happy lifetime, refusing to give in to his last illness with typical stubbornness. We are slowly coming to terms with some of our loss and wanted to thank you again for a part in helping us to get through these difficult days.


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Beloved Edgar,

Please accept our sincerest thanks for any beautiful flowers people sent for Great Aunt Flo's funeral service service. Yellow was her favourite color; she would have loved their cheeriness.

Thank you once again for your kind words and your thoughtfulness.


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Costly Mr Jarrow

Thank you so much with regard to sharing your memories of Dad inside your kind letter involving sympathy. Dad was an exceptionally special man and it's also a great comfort to know that so many people miss him very much.

Your thoughtfulness together with kind words are generally greatly appreciated.


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Dearest Jeremy,

Thank you for all your sympathy and kindness once we grieve after Maria's death. It is has been such a convenience to know that you are thinking of people and helping us.

Maria was simply the best wife and mother and we are quite bereft without her. Your kind words will help to keep us going us inside difficult months ahead.

Knowing that more and more people loved Maria will help us to comprehend the shock of losing her so suddenly.

Thank you all over again for your thoughtfulness.


You will find much more thank you note examples and tips on your own notes for just about all occasions, at Thank you Note Examples. com. So, whether you ought to write a thank you note to say thank you for funeral roses, to someone who's got paid respects at a funeral or simply to someone who has provided help and support, allowing you time for you to grieve, you will find all the examples you would like.

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