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You Too May Well Use Alternative Treatments For BV To Remove Your Symptoms Completely


You can be forgiven for thinking that your BV symptoms will be difficult or even impossible to treat permanently, especially if you have gone through multiple course of antibiotics.

Although he/she may not tell you this, your physician is well aware that conventional medical therapy does not treat bacterial vaginosis. It is seen as an 'untreatable' condition. An ailment that not only isn't cured by conventional medical therapy, but in the long run, made worse by it.

In a few cases, the first course of antibiotics a woman takes can actually work and their BV doesn't return. Unfortunately in most cases BV tends to return, and the more antibiotics you use the less likely it becomes that you will ever be cured of your BV completely.

Why Is Conventional Medical Therapy The Wrong Approach For BV?

Antibiotics whether taken orally as tablets, or applied inside your %#&@$! in the form of a cream/gel are designed to kill all types of bacteria.

If you are familiar with bacterial vaginosis, you may have heard of the terms 'lactobacilli' and 'good bacteria'. Lactobacilli are the good bacteria within the confines of your %#&@$!, which are responsible for creating an environment that is hostile to bad bacteria. These lactobacilli are unfortunately not immune to the effects of antibacterials. Just like the bad bacteria in BV, they are killed by antibiotics and their numbers lessened - along with their ability to maintain a safe and healthy %#&@$!.

After you finish your course of antibiotics, the bacteria inside your %#&@$! inevitably grow back. Unfortunately it happens to be the cause that the harmful bacteria that cause BV are able to grow back much faster than the more 'timid' good bacteria. For this reason, it's quite common for women to be re-infected with BV soon after antibiotic administration. And as if that wasn't bad enough, the vast majority of BV suffers report subsequent infections as being both more severe and harder to treat.

The Non-Medical Technique Works MUCH Better, Here's Why...

There are a vast range of different natural BV home remedies . Not all of these are as efficacious as some claim them to be, and many yet are unsafe. But there are a handful of safe home remedies that work in a whole different way and also seem to be able to really keep those symptoms at bay for either very long periods of time, or even permanently.

Regrettably it's very unlikely that your gynecologist or GP will even know about these cures, given that these treatments have not been adopted into the practices of mainstream medicine. Alternative medicine is usually far quicker to take up new methods of treatment that work. Unfortunately conventional medicine is a lot slower at doing this, due to all the red-tape involved.

With these allnatural cures, rather than better exert the same effect as antibiotics, they exert a completely different effect alltogether. Natural bacterial vaginosis treatments - the ones that work - don't seek to kill the bacteria directly. Instead they change the chemical condition inside the %#&@$!, making it more hostile to bad bacteria and more favorable for good bacteria.

When reverted to its natural state, the %#&@$! becomes an environment in which bad bacteria can no longer survive in large numbers. As a result the overgrown bacteria die away naturally and the good bacteria then thrive and serve to maintain that environment once again, ensuring that your BV does NOT return.

If you wish to find out in more detail, about all of the different natural options available to you, the following link will reveal more BV Cures.

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