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If perhaps it's an Ice-Cream Sandwich, quad-core Cellphones that you'd like, this may be the "One" for you.

The HTC One X has many great benefits packed in, including the latest and greatest Android 4.0 system using the brand new release of the HTC Sense Graphical user interface. In traditional HTC way the One X even offers the regular 3 touch-sensitive keys beneath the screen.

This is the word on everyone's lips at the moment, but what on earth does quad-core mean and what benefits will it bring you with the HTC One X? Expained in layman's terms it functions like a buried powerhouse.

The HTC One X offers 32 GB memory as well as 25GB of cloud storage space that's completely free for two years. With regard to connectivity, the one X comes with wireless HDMI, micro USB and Bluetooth 4.0.

Not surprisingly it is not only the seriously powerful quad-core processor chip which is the only outstanding element about the HTC One X, there are a lot other stunning attributes that makes this smartphone shine nevertheless the processor is unquestionably the top champion. It also just happens to come with the most recent Android operating system, the Ice Cream Sandwich loaded and ready to go. Precisely what more does the HTC One X provide?

The astounding 1.5 Mhz quad-core processor is the intelligence behind the HTC One X and along with this you'll find it comes equipped with 1GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. You will also be supplied with 25GB of storage space in the cloud for 2 years, giving you the ability to save and distribute your personal files. The micro SD card unfortunately does not contain a massive amount of storage but the additional given cloud storage space more than makes up for that.

To start with it has a fantastic 8MP rear facing, auto-focus digital camera with LED flash and 1080p High-definition video footage recording, additionally you can capture snap shots at the same time as recording videos. It even incorporates a 1.3MP front-facing digital camera for those important video calls. The front digital camera is 1.3MP making certain that video phoning still captures excellent quality.

By way of five unique flash intensities and BSI sensortechnology, the HTC One X's 8 Megapixel snapper will take advantage of the ideal degree of flash for every single image. With full HD video recording this handset is ready so that you can capture videos along with the wireless HDMI, you can enjoy all of them on your High definition tv. The all new htc Image chip significantly raises the operating of the movies and images. Your 1.3 mega-pixel smaller digicam is perfectly for your own private video calling requirements.. The smartphone also comes equipped with Beats audio which can truly become put to use wholly from a superior sound system or headphones which you'll hook up to when using the earphone socket located at the top of the One X.

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The HTC One X equally delivers in regards to entertainment with the recognised Dr Dre's Beats Audio incorporated in the phone. Movies are shown in breathtaking 1080p quality and 720p with thanks to the wireless HDMI capabilities, it also makes it possible to display your content through your Tv set simply using a wireless media link.

The HTC One X striking Cellular phone that has a stable feel, as you may hope by HTC. The user interface icons have been completely recharged within the main menu on account of the brand new HTC sense.

The camera within the HTC One X is nothing less than good with auto focus and zero-shutter delay. the snapper is handily accessible whilst recording film!

Beats Audio has become to some extent a unique aspect with HTC, which allows HTC fanatics to appreciate audio on a whole new level.

There you have it, the HTC One X quad-core chip has arrived. We'll be monitoring meticulously to look at what influence this fresh, new technology has within the smartphone world, and how many are going to follow.

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