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Rocket Steel Buildings does a complete site redesign!


In what is deemed a brave move by steel buildings standards, Skyrocket Steel Buildings, the nation's premiere material buildings and metal complexes manufacturer has begun an entire revitalization plan of their website, including a bold new redesign as well as a bunch of advertising campaigns dedicated to attempt to bring in a considerably bigger demographic than precisely what they originally were catering to. The steel building company has been around for nearly 20 many years but has neglected in order to reach the growing demand for a arch-style garages and indy barns, as they just havent had plenty of time to call back the many leads they were becoming. Now that they have expanded and really upped their game, so to speak, they have also begun work on a new website (which was released in february of 2012) as well are at work creating a whole new international site to accommodate the growing demand with regard to product. When asked for comment we were told that they were so busy constructing new construction they ddnt have time! Haha, I guess we will see what they say in a month or so!

With other news, Batman: the Dark Knight Rises comes out in a couple of months now and we can be extremely excited to see the idea. It has been SO LONG since we have watched such a good crime caper, and this also time a guy in a rubber cape might end up just the fix for the mystery deficiency, if the user gets my pun;)
Hopefully you all have a wonderful Tuesday!!!

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