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DUBturbo Virtual Beat Maker - You Can Have Your Own Virtual Recording Studio!


I'm able to hear you grunting at the thought of having to pay with regard to audio samples. Don't feel concerned, I'm the same. Nevertheless, there are huge positive aspects to using professional samples inside your productions:


  • Top quality samples.

  • For sale in many different formats we. e. Wave, Rex, Reason Refill, ESX24, Akai Software programs, Kontact etc.

  • Vips free.


  • These people cost money.

Applying paid samples is obviously the best choice for any Hip Hop producer that wants to succeed. I can wager Pete Rock, JDilla, Dr Dre and also other big name producers just about all purchased samples, or sample packs eventually in their career.

Where to find Free Hip Hop Samples

Over the years as an experienced Hiphop producer I've found several sources to download free Hiphop samples. Some I've further down:

  • Use Google and find terms like "free hip hop samples. wav".

  • Get music magazines. On the cover of all magazines are CD's or even DVD's that often accompany large collections of royalty free samples.

  • Join music production forums which might be aimed at the sort you produce in. I am a member on several Hip Hop and Dubstep output forums, and constantly discover threads where members share their samples.

It's very important to avoid downloading from file sharing websites, and also using P2P software. People often share music and samples that do not belong to these, such as commercial test packs. Using copyrighted material can usually get you into serious challenges. It's not worth the chance.

To decide on, it's safe to say nothing at all is wrong with using free samples when you are starting out. But, down the road at some point in your career you're going to want high quality, professional sounding, samples that can be used on tracks fit with regard to artists like Lil Wayne, Drake or Eminem. Free samples lack within quality and depth which will ultimately have a negative effects on the overall sound to your productions.

Use your music, and My partner and i wish you success.
OK, so you want to make some big bad bass wobble to suit your needs next dubstep track. Ill be going on the few different ways to get that shake down tone, and let me tell you its not all about the LFO as you might think.

So the LFO is one way of getting a pleasant dubstep wobble bass but you can aquire a very similar and more stable effect by using the filter envelopes on your synth. How this works is easy, you get your commencing sound (probably some sort of 2 oscillator square wave, slightly detuned, low move filter etc). Then you set one of your envelopes to trigger the filter restrict, setting the attack in period with the music. This means when you play an email it will start while using the filter cut off in the low position and after that quickly open the filter much like how an LFO would works but you just grab the first open 'woooow' sound rather than repeating 'wooowoooowoooow' sound like with a LFO. When this method is used a quick note trend (short often paperwork) it sound much like an LFO.

Your LFO. free dubstep sample pack, Dubstep Sample Pack, Dubstep Remix

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