Love Poems For Him

Love Poems For Him

Christmas Poems


Christmas Poems

Through these eyes
Emerald eyes
By those emerald eyes of the field
Cultivation and cultivation
I crop my desert memories!
Health love, love love, health is...
In the deep moisture from the cactus
Beyond the mirage of a female
Corona, corona, corona...

Crown of spring!
Of spring cobaltos, Crown
Lunarios Latires of Golden lips
The... Spherical morning, love, love...
My love is strong images, health
Health, heart, soul of the universe...

Love, human, human love human!
Love essence really alone, an infinite spark
The mother of eternity...

Love land destinations one only
A deep rosy rain prelude
Harmonious love of light mirror
Virginal love of hymns
Coro silence, star dust!
Write each letter of thousand alphabets!
In the Bewitched voice of Ruby
In the ecstatic peace of Carnation... Love

You are your like me
An I of many others, brothers I other
Love from human to human, flesh to flesh
All skins skin, health and United
Healthy Humanities, love in the unit...

You are the faint throb overnight
Tender hive of subtle sighs
Anúdanse my bitter shadows!
With the dance what Lark sprays!
With the ink which poppy hummingbirds!
Heart axis the veils
Chest desatas the light
Earthly love, light concrete!... Healthy love...

Christmas Poems

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