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How to Get Recruited to Play College Football - 3 Easy Steps That Can Make Your Dream a Reality


It doesn't matter if the level is Division I or Junior College, you must have the required size and athleticism to play.

3 - The Right Talent And Skills

Once the coach determines that you do have the necessary size and athleticism to play at the level he coaches at, he will then start looking at your specific talents and skills. Of course, the specific talent and skills he will be looking for is different for each position that he needs to fill

4 - Mental Toughness

In high school football recruiting, coaches will only pursue players who have the mental toughness to play in college. Do you have the mental toughness to do the hard work required at the next level? Can you handle a coach holding you accountable every day and often getting in your face to make you better? Can you handle the increased level of competition you will face in college?

5 - Can You Stay Qualified To Play

Coaches want players who can perform in the classroom and stay qualified to play. For each roster spot they have, the coach will most likely recruit 5 to 10 players for it. A part of their observation of you during the high school football recruiting process will be to see if you have the grades and work ethic in the classroom to stay qualified to play. A player who can not stay qualified to play doesn't do the coaching staff any good.


If you feel like you have what it takes to be recruited and play at the college level, you need to be proactive in your recruitment. You need to get involved in the high school recruiting process by marketing and promoting yourself to college coaches. You can easily do this by sending coaches your athletic resume along with a personal letter. If you have meet the criteria mentioned in this article, college coaches will be happy to hear from you and they will most likely respond. Don't wait, get started today!

Maybe you or your child has a desire to row in college. Then consider using the services of an online agency to get your information directly to the eyeballs of several college coaches in a short space of time.  Online services can help the student-athlete create and post an athlete profile which the service makes available to college coaches and recruiters. Feedback is provided so the prospective college rower knows which coaches viewed his or her profile.

While most online recruiting services concentrate on the major sports, there are a few that embrace the smaller "niche" sports like rowing. One that I recommend for rowers also caters to club programs in addition to high schools. Online recruiting sites also provide social forums where you can see other rowers' profiles and get in touch with fellow rowers from around the country.

Broken into different sections, online recruiting services cater to:


* Learn the recruiting process and college admissions

* Help your athlete create and update their profiles

* Read success stories of recruited athletes


You can see each school's profile and athletic information as well as the name and contact information of the rowing coach. You can e-mail coaches directly from the site and keep track of key information as you progress through the recruiting process. college athletic scholarships, leaky heart valve treatment, How To Get Recruited For College Football

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