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Green Deal Advisors


No one will have access to this scheme without a qualifying assessment of the building and recommendations for measures that could improve the energy efficiency of their home,

This makes the green Deal Advisors Role one of the uppermost important jobs in the whole process.

His job is two-fold Simply put this means that your Green Deal Advisor is also a fully qualified Domestic Energy Assessor who has been trained to issue Energy Performance Certificates, this makes him ideally suited to the role of a Green Deal Advisor simply because he already has the background knowledge required to give advice on saving energy in the home.

If you require more information regarding Domestic Energy Assessors and Energy Performance Certificates then please visit RS Property Surveyors this is a great website with loads of information regarding Energy Performance Certificates and other renewable energy sources.

The green Deal Assessment and accompanying advice must be carried out by a qualified and authorised advisor, who will have a mixture of technical knowledge, practical competence and other relevant skills to provide households and businesses with the advice they need to make informed decisions when considering installing energy efficient measures.

What a Green Deal Advisor does the Customers home

When entering a consumer's home, the Green Deal Advisor carry out the following tasks:

Firstly he will give the customer an overview of the Green Deal
He will then either carry out an Energy Performance Certificate or check that the original one is still accurate.
He will then carry out an occupancy assessment asking the home owner a series of questions all related to energy use in the home.
Once this assessment is complete the Green Deal Advisor should give the customer some Low Cost No Cost advice on saving energy in the home this could be as simple as turning down thermostats or not leaving items on standby overnight.
He will then leave the property and upload all the data into the governments approved software then make an appointment to go back to the property with the Green Deal Advice Report.
Once back at the property The Green Deal Advisor Should explain first the original Energy Performance Certificate and then the Green Deal Advisory Report.
He should then explain to the customer that they can take this report to as many Green Deal Providers as they want to enable them to get the best deal for themselves.
So to sum all this up as you can see the Green Deal Advisors job is not an easy one and he may have to make a number of visits to a property before he gets the job done.

Are they accredited?

There will be several certification bodies in charge of accrediting Green Deal assessors, and they must work in line with a Green Deal Scheme Standard.

Green Deal energy Advisors will need to be Green Deal Accredited in line with the Specification for Green Deal advice services

Every Advisor will have to take mandatory training firstly to enable them to produce the new post April 2012 Energy Performance Certificates, they will take a further 3 days training which will include over 240 hours of home study a portfolio of evidence and a supervised occupancy assessment which will qualify them as green Deal Advisors.

Getting started

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