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How can a simple treatment affect your sex life?


As we can all easily imagine, every single substance that we introduce in our bodies will sooner or later have an impact on it. We might not know it or, on the contrary, we might receive some warnings from this perspective and yet, we do not pay too much attention to them, at least not until we observe that the drugs we take happen to have a significant influence on our sex life.

This is one of the most common warning signals, not just because people are generally interested in keeping their sexual experiences on a high level, but also because there are many types of drugs out there who make a change on this level. And unfortunately, when such issues are not taken into consideration, soon it might be too late for solving problems with a traditional male enhancement pill.

To begin with, it is important for all of us to know that sexual intercourse and the way it evolves are conditioned by a few important hormones, known as dopamine, serotonin and testosterone. While dopamine will raise to the roof your sex drive, serotonin tends to bring inhibitions to one's sexual function. As for testosterone, it is the mobile that makes moving the blood vessels that will insure your boner.

Now particularly talking about men,the drugs they are taking have the power to influence not just their libido, but also the arousal, the erection and the ejaculation. And if there are many types of medicines we can put on the black list, it is only because what happens inside a man's body during intercourse is quite a complex process that involves not just blood vessels, but also hormones, nerves and, even more important, psychological factors.

To clear things up a little bit, we should mention that there are a few groups of drugs that are known to give some of the following reactions: absence or delay of orgasms, low libido, ejaculatory disturbances, failure of ejaculation and even impotence. Regardless whether you are trying to keep depressions under control, or you are fighting against epilepsy, heart failures or high blood pressure, prostate problems, angina, high cholesterol or psychotic illnesses, you are risking influencing your sexual performances as well, on short or long term.

The conclusion would be that you need to pay attention to any drug you are taking, but particularly when it comes to antidepressants, antiepileptics, antihypertensives, antipsychotics and medicines designed for cholesterol lowering.

Probably the main problem would be for you to find out or to understand the risks as soon as possible. Once you do that, under no circumstances you should be dropping off the medicines because only the doctor who gave them to you should be doing it. And speaking of this, chances are that the doctor will prescribe you some others, preferably from a different class, just to see how things will work for you.

Once again, it is rather a problem of detecting potential dangerous drugs and the sooner you do it, the fewer would be the chances for you to suffer serious and irreparable damages. So instead of getting scared, you might want to keep your eyes wide open.

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