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CCIE RS Lab Exam Workbook Video On Demand Program.

Posted is the Global leader in the CCIE training sector for over a decade, assisting more students pass their ccie security lab exam than some other establishment. With over 1,800 successful CCIEs, we are now increasing our products to share in Cisco's expanding expertise base of certifications. We are planning to take our business to a higher level by adding new kinds of certification success stories to our constantly expanding list. This quest starts with you, our highly valued student. Join your colleagues in the popular World of Cisco IT certifications with one of our products today.

Listen as industry experts lecture on every technology and protocol noticed in the new blueprint. The lectures are a comprehensive video training option, and after each topic covered dives into laboratory exercises intended to explain the two principles and complex implementations of the difficult protocols found in the exam.

The Video on Demand material consists of detailed lecture subjects which includes how to explain Operation of Data Networks, explain the reason and functions of various network devices Use the OSI and TCP/IP models as well as their protocols to explain networks, describe the standard operation of the protocols in the OSI and TCP models, explain Voice Over IP on a network, identify and correct common network issues at levels 1,2,3 and 7, distinguish between LAN/WAN operation and features, apply and Configure a Switched LAN, explain the process of Cisco switches and basic switching concepts, apply simple CLI, apply and verify basic security for a switch, identify and troubleshoot switched network issues, implement an IP Addressing Scheme for a LAN, develop and apply an IP addressing scheme, describe the basic uses and procedure of NAT, describe and verify DNS operation, describe the difference between public and private IP addressing, configure DHCP and CNS functions, implement static and dynamic addressing in a LAN environment, explain the operation of Cisco routers, configure and troubleshoot RIPv2 protocol, validate device configuration and network connectivity using CLI, describe specifications associated with wireless media, detect factors in a small wireless network, describe switching systems, configure and troubleshoot VLANs, trunking, VTP and RSTP, understand the show and debug commands to determine status, apply a VLSM IP addressing scheme, describe requirements for running IPv6, compare all routing protocols, implement OSPF and EIGRP, configure and diagnose ACLs using CLI, implement Frame Relay on routers, Troubleshoot WAN issues, explain VPN technology, apply PPP connections and a lot more. In addition, this VoD will provide very helpful suggestions about lab strategy and test preparation strategies maximizing the opportunity to pass the CCIE R&S exam.

There is a reason why Cisco has the preferred IT Certifications in the market. There is also a reason why is the expert in Cisco training. So what will your certification be? When are you going to want to take your career to another level and turn out to be a specialist.

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