Useful tips for guys who want to become fathers
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Useful tips for guys who want to become fathers<br />


When it comes to pregnancies in general and making babies in particular, most people are tempted to come up with the most various recommendations for women to try. So many related articles seem to forget that it takes two persons to conceive a baby and in this particular equation the father's fertility is just as important as the one of the future mother.

Given our lifestyle, more and more couples have nowadays problems on this chapter, at least according to statistics, that claim that they have sex four times every week, on average, but results come so hard. It may be a problem with the man's fertility after all, so both men and women should be interested to learn new things about how to work on it.

As for any medical condition, we learn from this resource,male fertility is something that can be either treated with more traditional methods, related to the things that a man experiences as a part of his daily ritual, or with modern and medical treatments, such as male enhancement pills or whatever other drugs a doctor things are necessary. And while this last part should be of the competence of a medical practitioner, we will be focusing on the first one, which, as you are about to find out, offers you plenty of opportunities to put into practice.

You probably have no idea how important is your lifestyle when it comes to ability of procreating. What you eat and drink, potential harmful habits, sedentariness and a few others can considerably lower the quality of your semen, which reduces your chances of having a child. And studies claim that in about a half of the situations when couples cannot have babies the fault belongs to the man. Therefore, you should be as concerned as your woman is about this problem.

As in any useful diet, fruits and vegetables are on top of the list, because the common vitamins A, B12, C, D and E, together with selenium, zinc and calcium have real chances to make your sperm more potent. In addition to these, recent studies have shown the importance of fatty acids, the omega-3 type, and folic acid, in this process and folic acid can be easily found in breakfast cereals and orange juice. Home cooked meals are always more than welcome compared to fast food or take away foods, so pay attention to how these ingredients are processed in your kitchen.

Alcohol and cigarettes should be dropped off and you are probably tired of hearing it, but now it should make a difference because you are also told why that is: these two decrease both the sperm counts and the testosterone levels, they can individually lead to impotence and combined are an even more disastrous formula. If you want a child, and you want him or her to be healthy, you need to make this sacrifice.

Stress is another unwanted guest when you try having a baby, especially because it reduces the testosterone levels, but also because it simply reduces your sex drive and libido. What can be worse when trying to leave your wife pregnant than not feeling like having sex?

Staying away from excessive heat, meaning hot baths or showers, steam rooms, and any other heat sources like a laptop hold for hours on lap, is an efficient way of maintaining the quality of the sperm. More and more studies claim that especially because sperm is produced and deposed inside the scrotum, which is outside of the body and cannot be so well protected, is a serious concern for male infertility.

Doing sports, taking supplements but only by doctor recommendation, and doing as much sex as you can, should help. The key is to keep trying and, lucky you, this is one of the most pleasant things that a man can try.

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