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Things Nearly everybody Hates In extreme seo tools And also Reason why


Some search engines also give much weight to the anchor text of the link which either comes in or goes out of the webpage. Keywords can be used in various ways to steal the attention of the search engines. Some webmasters use high keyword density for getting high targeted traffic while some others use the link and link keyword method to tell the searchbots about the main keyword that they have targeted through their post. Both work, but some techniques work best with certain techniques as compared to the other search engines.

You must have heard that a keyword density of five to seven percent is ideal. But seven percent will kill your Google SEO status and will make you important in the eyes of other search engines like yahoo or even Bing! According to me the best and the safest keyword stuffing percentage which will help you a lot is the five percent keyword density formula. Use your keywords once in every two sentences and you will understand how this will help you climb the ladder of every organic search positions. But, there is more that you can do in order to get a higher traffic to your site. You can apply a few SEO techniques which can get you to the top results in Google. Whenever a smaller term is targeted, ranking higher becomes easier. If you are new to blogging try using the SEO techniques to rank higher in Google for the search terms which are targeted by very few webmasters. Google search the keyword and see the number of competitors: if it is a few hundred thousands ranking higher for such a search term is easy, if it is a few million, ranking higher would be difficult.

Every matured internet marketer does understand that without proper keyword research and strategy no amount of online success can be achieved. Beginners might think why they should research keywords. It's healthy inquisitiveness. You should be knowing how experts research keywords and exactly what they find out out of it.

Utility of keyword research

  • Get to know the competitiveness (Strength of Competition) of the keyword you would like to target

  • Get to know the words you are missing

  • Get to know the size of the market for the keyword

  • Can check the average CPC of the keyword

  • Can find keywords with low competition and high search volume

  • Get to know the availability of advertisers

  • Finding LSI keywords for better onpage optimisation

  • Finding longtail keywords

  • Profitability of the keyword and better PPC campaigns

  • Whether you should target the keyword at all or not

  • Proper SEO strategy

Now let me elaborate the discussion with the points I have already mentioned. If you unknowingly target very highly competitive keywords like credit card, mortgage etc chances are you can not get a good spot in search engine result pages. Because many webmasters/companies have already optimized their site with maximum possible SEO work. So before you target any keyword you must check out the competitiveness of it.

A good keyword research tool will show you a lot of related words which you might not have thought of. This is of extreme importance. This gives you an idea whether you are targeting popular keywords. Because searchers do not always type the exact terminology or the product name or the exact keyword you want to target. virtual private Server, senuke x vps

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