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Ways to get Eliminate Ants in Your Home Permanently


Just the unfortunates who've experienced it'll be aware of true horror of winged ants within their home. Through an infestation of ordinary wingless ants is bad enough however when they go through their yearly mating phase the situation may become insufferable. Ants often build colonies underneath the floors and in the cavity walls in our homes which colonies will live for many years if not treated getting progressively more troublesome each year. Our dwellings are dry and warm and provide the perfect places for a thriving ant colony; even 'solid' concrete floor isn't a deterrent to an ant. Our room heating systems maintains their metabolism even just in winter and my earliest ant call-out was on my birthday, at the begining of January! Ants prefer a sandy soil there are lots of areas in Lancashire, Cheshire and Manchester which often provide more ant infestations than others, Southport, Blackpool, Bolton, Sale & Altrincham leap in your thoughts as hot ant towns. Unfortunately it is during their mating phase that they are most problematic. Here in Lancashire, Cheshire and Manchester this tends to be pretty regularly around the third or fourth week in July. Ants mate in-flight and around mid-summer they produce winged immature Queens and winged males which in nature would disappear and mate in-flight. Many thousands of these winged ants are produced per nest and nests tend to synchronise their release so they mate with ants using their company nearby nests.

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Invariably this process starts after a few days of hot, dry weather and can usually go on for about per week although isolated releases will continue throughout the majority of June, July & August. Unfortunately when the nest is hidden underneath the floor of the house the results can be traumatic, huge amounts of flying ants are freed into the lower rooms, receiving full payment for windows as they alllow for the light. This is often extremely distressing for many people leading to extreme emotional trauma to the extent that individuals learn to fear the summer and also have actually sold their homes to escape the invasion of ants which they know is coming.

The wet summers of 2007 & 2008 resulted in ant infestations were recorded on previous years but ants seem to have a means of making up ground and 2009 looks set to be a very troublesome year. many people who have this issue opt for DIY solutions with powders from hardware shops etc but usually these efforts are doomed to failure as they are not tackling one's heart of the problem which is the colony itself, safely hidden within the cavity wall or sub-floor area. Fortunately for many people the answer reaches hand. At Harrier Pest management (susceptible to site survey) we are able to cure this problem and provide an extendable three year guarantee.

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