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Local SEO: Important Factors Which Will Improve Your Search Engine Rankings


by Precise Moment Photography

Each small company owner knows that Google can be a terrific way to obtain new clients. However what some do not appreciate is that there is a particular area of Google that is devoted to small companies called Google Places.

If you want to acquire more clients through Google Places you must know local SEO.

There are lots of approaches to advance this element of your own advertising and marketing - listed here are several you can start working on at once.


When you're making your Google Places account there is a wide variety of different things you need to do. One of them is decide which categories your business should be placed under.

What most people don't realize is that you may pick several business categories and you can even create a category if you can't see one that suits what you do.

Ensure you take advantage of both of these capabilities and list your small business under as many appropriate categories as you can.


In standard web optimization among the most crucial tasks is creating links to your site. For local SEO there is a slightly different activity you need to undertake being the creation of business citations.

A business citation is any instance online where there is a reference to a few pretty specific facts regarding your small business. These are your company name, the phone number and also your street address.

To be regarded as a citation these have to match perfectly with the specifics that are detailed inside your Places account.


It has become progressively easy within the last couple of years to make videos that you use to promote your company.

You may create them using standard software programs and store them free of charge at sites such as Youtube.

As part of your Google account you are able to provide links to your videos. By adding in some videos the listing isn't just going to be in a stronger position to acquire excellent rankings, you may also supply individuals with good information about your company and exactly what you offer.

So if you do run a business and you do not yet have the Google Places account up and running, it's advisable for you to get moving on that the instant you can.

Then you are able to proceed to start working on some of the other details mentioned above to help you give the Google Local listing better visibility in the search engines.

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