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Horoscope Astrology: Mars in the Birth Chart


Mars comes under the limelight in this, the sixth report on earth, in which I describe the essence of these energy systems and how they operate in life. Mars is another Tool world, the male libido and the polar opposite to Venus, the female libidoMars the Desire Nature in the HoroscopeThe need to own, to attain, to be the best, to be first, to do battle, to guard as well as our competitive nature, originates from the power and drive of Mars. Whatever we need might begin with thought but we use our Mars to achieve, to reach our goal. The player, the player and the Casanova are cases of the primal impulse of Mars. At the instinctual level Mars can be quite a selfish and 'me first' power. Most of us need this to some extent, for others is an unbalanced life indeed as a life lived through or just. But, Mars working primarily from intuition, can be irritating, cumbersome, and aggressive, and can be overtly simple minded. The competition of Mars could be the spur to sharpen an art, after all an individual who really wants to get and function as the best works at mastering. this. The Roman Empire had a very strong Mars archetypal energy, even though the scales tipped too far towards its own selfish end, hence its fall. In order to accomplish all of us need anything to be accomplished by Mars. Frequently a target or perhaps a strong need combined with realized control fires the intuition of Mars. This contributes to an efficiency in energy leading to personal success.The Male LibidoMars characterize the masculine sexual hunger, that which drives a mate to be sought by him. The macho male will use his masculinity to attract his spouse, while a more refined or delicate being may use his Mars to impress, to flaunt his abilities or to apply his Mars in more refined ways.The Female Mars It's been said that Mars in a woman's chart shows the sort of man she will be drawn to. In means of projection this might be so but, as we all need to build up our own characteristics, so girls need to own their own Mars energy. This really is more visible today, as women are coming much more into their own sense of self. But, when doing data work I endeavour to an establish whether a female possesses or projects her Mars. Whenever a girl takes the lead, types things out, runs her own business, becomes head of her game, top in her career, being powerful or aggressive, that is proof of a strong Mars her life, which obviously will present in her data! A powerful mother figure, the one that organises professions or offers up her family also possesses her Mars. Many single Mothers are understanding how to use their Mars, for many women this can be a new phase of progress. We all need to become impartial within ourselves.Mars in the Astrological Birth Chart Assessing an individual's Mars and how they use it's seen through the sign in which it's placed. How it's incorporated within is revealed through the part structure, and the environmental effect is likely to be gleaned through its house place. From the Birth Chart we can see how and where Mars is running and more importantly how it can be developed more or be brought under more of our control.Examples Mars is a fiery planet, thus in a signal (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius ); it is working in a unique element. The attributes assigned to Mars will be improved, excited and expanded upon as it seems very much at home in these signs.It will be somewhat watered down in a sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), so it may be properly used with clever or with tenderness, emotions and passion increase libido.In Air, (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) Mars may present its assertiveness through different types of interaction or by trying to find information and knowledge.Operating from an Earth factor, (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) its travel will be channelled into accomplishing and obtaining useful results.The Relationship of Mars to the Ego Planets Mars with the Sun has the same fiery chemical, albeit within their different ways. It'll, as always, depend on the kind of aspect, but Mars might add vigour and drive to sunlight for that reason helping or hindering its sense worth addressing and creative expression.The Moon with Mars may be touchy, especially when feelings are hurt. It will depend on what sign they are working from but it is my requirements and those of 'my family's ' that want to be fought for and met.Saturn in aspect to Mars could limit its push and assertiveness, which could trigger shyness or be evident the place where a person is reluctant to stick up for themselves. Saturn may also control Mars for some reason, that'll result in mastering a skill or achieving status or content gain.In essence, Mars is that drive in us that we use when we want anything, it's very much part of our 'desire' character. It is our sense of motion, our aim achieving process, our need certainly to fight, to stick up and defend ourselves. Mars has a strong feeling of self. Trouble will be undoubtedly caused by it in our lives If we run too much using this. We do need this hot intuition however, to grow, to act, and to endure!

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