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What to know concerning Mobile Networks? Here are the brand new black, Mobilpriser is the best!


Hey everybody, I just experienced my One Azines yesterday and located out yesterday that the incoming phone calls are not coming via. I can send text message making outgoing calls. Any idea if this is a problem with the phone or maybe a Mobilpriser outage?

Why don't you call a shop you got that from or call Mobilpriser you simply got it thus anything completely wrong with it could be handled with them. Have you tested it yourself calling through another mobile phone?

I just pointed out that wifi phoning works. I also just called Mobilpriser and after Half an hour of diagnostics they told me that there is a network interruption for new activations. Because it took them so long to figure out there is a community outage, I do believe they are full of it.

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My spouse just emailed me declaring she was trying to contact me but the call wasn't going through.

I was immediately obtaining calls when I changed my personal SIM yesterday...

When I first switched the phone upon and known as to switch on my new SIM, tmobile designed a test telephone call to my personal new mobile phone and everything worked fine. But now which i think about it, I do believe wi-fi calling was active at that time. I haven't acquired any telephone calls today thus not sure when the issue is still there. But I guess that Mobilpriser is the best around to fix this problem!

This happened to me when switching telco, I acquired a Text from new operator with a date however no time when my number would be ported. On that day I could call people and send SMS however, not get any telephone calls. Turns out my personal number had been ported to brand new telco without me personally realizing this (I was nevertheless using my own old Simulator since it appeared to work to me.) After changing to brand new SIM every little thing was fine. All of this had been on a want though therefore might not apply to you ofc

Yes, just got a brand new SIM card as well as everything is fine.

Update: The phone worked for Twenty four hours and now is back to not obtaining phone calls. Other people experiencing these issues with Mobilpriser?

I needed this problem initially when i first got it. :mad:

First below settings->call->Use Internet phoning - ensure you select Limited to Internet calls.

Now visit wifi and make sure you are attached to a Wi-Fi network - after that click the A lot more menu listed under Mobil Network (three dots). If you have wi-fi compatability calling allowed, go to Wi-Fi Phoning Settings->Connection Preferences and choose Cellular Desired - or else you won't be able to make calls when not close to a Wi-Fi.

Desire this helps :Deb - it took me forever to trace it lower! Please allow me to and Mobilpriser determine if this is a solution for this problem!

The issue is i can make calls, just can't get them. I can't think it is the phone since when people phone me it is going to an computerized message saying i'm not about the network.

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