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Do You Visit a New HD Kindle Fire from your Bedside


Odds are good if you like to see, that you've heard of digital e-readers. There are plenty of choices these days within the handheld electronic world. Why not add another device towards the mix? The newest Kindle HD will be arriving November 20th, right before the holiday season (obviously)

Could it be worth looking into the new Kindle HD? I find out question because the screen is small at 8.9" compared to a large flat screen you may have in your family room. I'm not sure basically could tell true HD from a slightly lower resolution unless someone were to tell me it's Hi Def. In either case, the brand new Kindle line will be three separate prices that is nice for people like me who're on a budget.

Cheap Kindle Alternatives

The basic starter within the new trio of HD Kindles may be the 7-inch version for just $199, a bigger 8.9-inch version for $299, and finally, the souped-up 4G LTE-ready version for $499. All 3 of them are High definition e-readers, or tablets. Not only may be the 32GB top-of-the-line Kindle HD ($499) weighing a lower cost compared to Apple ipad 3 32GB ($600-750). Even the big daddy 64gb Kindle HD ($599) is under the 32GB Apple ipad 3. This can definitely give consumers something to think about. After all, it is just fair to us consumers to have something to shop against. It is also nice for us to possess choices when making a large purchase like this.

A subject which comes up frequently during conversation is apps, and just what developers support what device? The Kindle does have practically all of the popular apps you will find on Droid and Apple, which is good news. Amazon and Kindle continue to build on their already extensive assortment of games, apps, music and media. What's even cooler than that's the fact that everyone who has an Amazon Prime account can stream thousands of television shows and films right from their Kindle. Lots of people don't understand that their Prime membership not only saves them a lot of money on shipping for items they would buy anyway, but Prime streaming also rivals Netflix, helping you save another $8 + bucks/month. Much less bad whatsoever!

Overall, It will in the end make things quite interesting so far as total sales go in Q4 of the year.

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