Love Poems For Him

Love Poems For Him

Shame on us


While I write this poem her body is flown back.
Now she lives in hearts of millions as a feeble cry lost in wilderness.
Her hopes n 'dreams, thirst n' thrust for life fizzled on board a bus.
Colours of Rainbow litter on street corners.

Scoundrels of humanity still lives in every nook n' corner,
Searching for 'Anokhis'.(Precious)
In the sweeping time waves many crushed flower buds float ashore.
Their vermilion spread lie on face of mother earth.
Their broken bangles clang, %#&@$! our conscience.

Dear mothers' n 'sisters, on this day we take a chivalric vow,
stronger than Bhishma's ….
We will not rest until Draupati is protected.
The pandava's shall not be onlookers again.
Let us teach a lesson to Dussana's.
Let our cloths of respect robe every woman.
and let our crests fall in shame when they are in malefic.
Oh! My brave Jyothi,
Let me light a candle before you in grief.
Salute your bravery,
while begging for your pardon.

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