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guitar stool


The guitar stool isn't used much nowadays, guitarists often overlook its uses and prefer to rehearse on their sofas or beds. This article is meant to demonstrate why this is not advisable and allow you to know what guitar stools can perform for the playing.

If you are playing in the wrong position you will know that barre chords could be a nightmare to experience, if you're in a position which requires you to really strain to get your hands parallel towards the fretboard then you're in trouble. To play a barre chord correctly you need enough leverage to use enough force towards the strings, if you aren't in a position to achieve this this will hinder your guitar playing. This can be a common error many guitarists make and it's laughable to think that such a big problem can be overcome by using a guitar stool. These stools make you adopt a much better playing posture which improves both accuracy and excellence of your playing.

Secondly, which is by far the more important, a stool can prevent you from incurring an injuries out of your playing guitar. Doing any pursuit continuously in a poor posture is a very dangerous thing; you are putting undue pressure you back which could result in a strain or even serious injury. Adjustable guitar stools enable you to tailor the incline to a degree that is comfortable for you, by doing this not only will you enjoy playing more but you will also have less force on your back.

guitar foot stool

There are a whole number of stools to choose from, the cheapest stools cost around 20 whilst the more expensive varieties can run in at over 100. With that said, there really is no reason to spend a lot more than 30 on the guitar stool, if you don't have your heart set on a specific style.