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Text Your Ex Back reviews


Texting is a big double-edged sword when it comes to breakups. It's all too easy to send a text when you are feeling that pain of missing your boyfriend or girlfriend and declaring that how you feel. You could try calling her Five to six times first before you send the text. Obviously more often than not this can push your boyfriend or girlfriend further away from you. If you want to win your ex back then these need insecure texts will destroy your chances. They are worse than drunk dialing your ex!

I found an item called Text Your Ex Back by Michael Fiore where he demonstrates types of how texts can in fact help win your ex back. Intrigued I fought my way through the tedious sales page and got the product so I could review it and find out exactly what the fuss was about. I will give you my view on the product and you can utilize it to make an interesting decision about whether or not to buy it.

Like the majority of win your ex back products Text Your boyfriend or girlfriend Back encourages a no contact phase. This is where you do not contact your ex for at least 30 days. Additionally, it lists a number of inquiries to assist you to decide whether you actually want her back or otherwise. Sometimes, especially as men, we want a woman back just get rid of pain of loss and to heal our wounded egos.

It's good to stay this product recognises the need for the 30 day no contact period and includes these probing questions to help you soul search and find out what would REALLY make you happy. Should you still want your ex back then the written text Your boyfriend or girlfriend Back guide CAN help you.


The idea of having the ability to text your ex and obtain her back to your life seemed like a cheap marketing ploy. The product actually contains more than just sample texts to send while offering really high quality advice in other facets of allowing you to get her back. Surprisingly it's not only a 1 trick pony.

The guide is straightforward and easy to follow along with which means you won't get overwhelmed. It's not hard to put each step into action and most importantly it really works. The majority of the tactics are designed to help make your ex miss and also have her return to you. It is important for you to remember that if you want your ex in those days you should not be chasing them! Apart from simple sms texts you can use there's also Facebook template messages that you can use to make your ex miss you.

Apart from the text templates to help you get her back these are other benefits Text Your boyfriend or girlfriend Back has to offer:

Understanding why your relationship ended
Creating Realistic Expectations
When and the way to initiate contact
Text blueprints to create her miss you
Mistakes not to make - if you make these then it is game over.

Texting is very straight forward and also you don't have to deal or worry about the issue of your ex not answering the phone. Michael Fiore recommends you don't distribute crap texts like "hi" or "how r u?" simply because they boring, low value and very unlikely to get a positive response.

Text Your Ex Back

The only things I don't like relating to this product is the sales page and I wish it entered more depth concerning the psychology behind breakups and how to have them together again or perhaps ways to get on the breakup.

Overall though I do recommend it. It is going into much more depth than simply simple texts messages although not so much that you get burdened with an excessive amount of information. It is easy to follow along with, actionable and most importantly it works! Michael is so at ease with his product which he's even offering a 2 month with no hassle money-back guaranteed.