How we believe importance is a first subject? let see something here we all gather looking for something or someone but then yet we want a good looking girl or a good looking man BUT the importance of being good enough for us is never GOOD enough for NO ONE because we subject our self as better than any one self is not degrading our self its being real in how we want our life to be.We really wont last forever let's be real an assestment of what we have is such a short time in this world so let be real I just finish fighting off the biggest monster in my life which is CANCER and ME i dont know about you is to find someone loving caring before i leave this earth if any one out there know something for inmortality zhit let me know on it and the last person iam not mentioning no name who thinks that is a joke to have the or used to have the illness i had was no problem watch what you ask for buddy you never know what jesus has in stored for US so my friends in MiGente thank you for your support as always love and safe regards to your love ones ATT. HECTOR (PAPITO Osorio) JR

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Female, Age Private, Niles, IL

Posted April 28, 2009

Hi Hector,

Yes that monster they call CANCER, took away 2 of my uncle within 2 months of each other!!!!! I'll keep you in my prayers so that it will never come back 2 u....

As for the rest of what you wrote, yes we all tend to look for that outter beauty, but if we look inside of that person heart that's where you'll find the beauty!!!!! I have always follow that old saying "Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder!"


Female, Age Private, Peekskill, NY

Posted June 19, 2009

wow....empowering.... The truth is that you can use this website constructively or not.

Hand pick those that are honest an sincere to you. I read your words and I thought now there goes someone that speaks from the heart, and not here initially I feel, for a pick up. But to share an ordeal, and turmoil.

You are not alone my new friend. Your struggles have just begun. Focus on the YOU. You is what matters. The rest comes in time when is appropriate and needed. MAKE YOUR DESTINY. Because if you don't the big CA won it's battle...

All my best, a speedy mental a physical recovery. May your love ones find comfort and strength. For I can see you are already in that path....


Female, Age Private, Los Angeles, CA

Posted July 15, 2009

Will its cancer that had taken my mom life 3years ago .And the lost was more than I could handle but they say God don't give us nothing we can't handle . But I sometimes wonder just live and be happy and know u will be in my prayers tonight take care thanks for sharing


Female, 57, Bronx, NY

Posted July 27, 2009

Wow Hector I give you props and take my hat off to you and Bow. It is not easy for putting this out there and I totally hear you and I am with you. For starters let me just say that this is not the first time I bumped into your blog yet everytime I try to sent you a comment I am interrupted. I am going to do this as quickly as I can..I have been given a second chance on life..I am in cancer remission. Not on here to preach to people about this or that or what i have gone through..I admire endlessly those who do it!!! My life was and will be fullfilled again by far am I too lonely for I am bless with a beautiful family, beautiful children and BEST EVER my grand babies. To those who have nothing better to do or to say without making an %#&@$! of themselves more power to them !! Hector what goes around ALWAYS comes around..when the almighty does not enjoy or like ugly ya tu sabes..ugliness will get theirs too...You are special and so am I and all those enduring such hurt & pain because of a graving illness my endless prayers are always with them..I wish you Hector all the luck & love in your pursuit to love and happiness..Thank you for putting it out there :))


Male, Age Private, Puerto Rico

Posted September 17, 2009

Hector, My prayers for you and yours and my congratulations!!!! Your name should have been "David" cause cancer is a Goliath!! I have a friend fighting that desease for over ten years, she is in her 70's now and it appears to be winning against her, but she cheerfully calls it my "Bendita bendicion" or blessed blessing!!! She said that this was the vehicle that taught her the important things in life, in particular her true faith in GOD, and secondly what is family, what are friends, and what is true love, (not the romantic kind!) I think that when we come to a point where our life is threatened that we stop the merry go round we call "our life" and see and feel reality.

In 1999 I was overdosed on certain medications the doctors used to keep me breathing, the result was that for two weeks I hallucinated that I was battling cancer! That I was at the end of my life cycle!!!! I wrote over 50 pages of good bye letters, I wrote to a friend that I had not wanted to speak to in two years!!! To supervisors and coworkers! I realized since I was dying that I did not want to go leaving enemies so I wrote to my two or three "enemies"!!! One I truly loved, he was a friend who I had a difference with. I was crying because we were not speaking for two years and I had no more time!! I cried as I wrote a forgive me I forgive you note.

That time changed my life for ever, I did not died, made up with all my friends and I truly do not have an enemy nor will there ever be one again. I forgive even if he/she never knows it, there are some people who you need to keep away from but inside me there will never be an enemy. By forgiving it does me good for when we carry garbage it weights us down, makes us sick and prevents the light/love of GOD from coming through.


Male, Age Private, Puerto Rico

Posted September 17, 2009

Sorry forgot to add,

Neither desease nor age is a ticket to death, We go when GOD calls us home, and you need not be sick or old!!!!


Female, 40, New York, NY

Posted October 17, 2009

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Female, 40, New York, NY

Posted October 17, 2009

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Male, 34, Santa Fe Springs, CA

Posted January 13, 2010

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Female, 33, New York, NY

Posted February 08, 2010

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