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Actor/Producer Robert Burton Making a Name in Hollywood 2014 and Beyond


Robert Burton has a lot to be thankful for this year. He helped to Produce and Guest-Star in the TV Pilot "Whoa!" with Linda Blair, Leslie Jordan, Taryn Southern, Mark Gantt, and Dawn Lewis. It won "Best Webisode at the Independent Film Quarterly Film & Webisode Festival in 2013 with writer Scott Richter and director Tom Blomquist on hand to accept.

For only spending just a short time in the entertainment industry, Robert Burton has done his very best to make a rather large splash in it! Robert Burton had come really far and within a short span of time he had given the finest in this notifying and laughter production.

His amazing performance had made people fix their eyes with lots of appreciation for "Tony and Tina's Wedding" and the "Murder Mystery America" succession. He has an inborn aptitude for comedy and hilarity which makes him to go long in the coming year and many. The most reasons behind these are that he has worked as versatile person handling multitask work till when he came to know his ultimate talent for his livelihood as well as the work of satisfaction.

He hosted the 7th annual Hollywood Fame Awards this year during the 23rd annual Los Angeles Music Awards at the Avalon Theater November 14th, 2014. Robert had the honor of presenting several Lifetime Achievement Awards to some personal friends of his to include Wink Martindale, Leilani Sarelle, Meilani Paul, Bill Blair, and Steve Resnik. In addition, Robert had the fine distinction of also helping to produce this wildly successful event alongside show runner Al Bowman. 

He is a slapstick comedian and winner of The LA Comedy Awards "Most Hilarious Voice Over" nomination twice in 2011.

On top of that, his production company G5 Entertainment Group just got their 2nd Development deal to create and shoot a new TV Reality Show competition based on a published book by author and entrepreneur David Topus.

For only spending such a short time in Hollywood, Robert has come very far. As a respected voice talent who works directly for NBC, Robert has been the lead voice actor for video games, television & radio commercials, animated television shows, and has also created a small ring tone empire. It was this ring tone empire that caught the attention of Ricky Gervais in late 2012, whose company then hired Robert to be the main voice talent for his newest venture "Just Sayin" on Twitter and Facebook. Also a part time comedian, Robert became a successful one in March 2012 when he won the LA Comedy Awards for "Most Hilarious Voice Over" presented by Jaime Masada at The Laugh Factory in Hollywood.

Robert always works on to improve himself by putting a lot from his inner voice which is more astonishing for his appearance in excellent terms, where he leads a demanding role more then what the audiences expect.

Robert brings his love and passion for the entertainment industry, his wonderful gift for acting and producing, his desire to pay it forward, and his limitless potential as a producer and talent to his production company G5 Entertainment Group, LLC.

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