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Google unveils Chromebox kits for video conferencing


Google unveils Chromebox kits for video conferencing | Enterprise | News | PC Pro
Google unveils Chromebox kits for video conferencingChromebox for businesses Gallery
By Shona Ghosh

Posted on7 Feb 2014 at 09:25

Google has released a Chromebox kit for video conference meetings, which bundles its Chrome OS hardware and business apps into a package designed to appeal to businesses.

The kit starts at $1,000 in the US and comprises a Chromebox PC, a Logitech HD camera, a Jabra microphone and a remote control with keyboard. The starter price also includes the annual $250 support and management fee for Google's services.

The kits will be available in the UK later this year, though pricing wasn't immediately available.

The idea is to make setting up a conference faster and easier without pin codes. Users can sign into Google Hangouts on their own device to conduct meetings, streaming video wirelessly to a separate display. They can also use the Chromebox interface and Google Apps, such as Calendar, to book rooms and invite participants.

The system allows up to 15 users to participate in a conference at once. External users can sign into the meeting using their own connected devices and a Gmail account. The system is also compatible with conference tools Vidyo and UberConference.

The only Chromebox hardware currently available with the kit is Asus' $179 device - but Google said HP and Dell would be adding their own hardware to the line-up.

That coincided with HP unveiling its first Chromebox, due for release in spring in the US. The company hasn't released detailed specs, pricing or UK availability but did say the Chromebox would run an Intel Haswell chip.

Dell also confirmed its Chromebox would arrive in the coming months on its site - though it's now removed the page.

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