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Nitty Gritty


If you only knew how many details go into producing this film festival, I swear you wouldn't believe it. Though the years, I have become quite the multi-tasker... even I'm impressed! ;-) Don't fear - I'll just give you select highlights.

First off, we had a very good meeting this AM with the team at Columbia University Alumni Auditorium, our theater venue for Dominican Night. That event is coming together beautifully.

Then, I scooted back downtown to our office in NoHo and busted out one conference call and email after another. We may have locked in a venue for a key after-party (thank you Buzz!) and tomorrow night I have a meeting with a club that may take care of 2 other after-parties (thanks for the intro, Pati!). Aw yeah!

I also received all of the NYILFF catalog sponsor approvals I was seeking and started working on signage (step-and-repeats, line signage, banners, etc.). Tomorrow we'll finalize the vendor for T-shirts and get those babies in production.

Oh, and it seems we may have ourselves an apparel partner (thank you, Oscar!). I may, indeed, have something to wear on our the NYILFF red carpets. I was getting NERVOUS. Phew!

Have you checked out this year's NYILFF films?? Whatcha waitin' for??


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