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Sex Education in Schools Pros and Cons


Stereotypically, there is a notion in society that males have a higher sex drive than their female counterparts. The truth can shake your false assumption. Men's low sex drive issue can be called one of the latent problems that majority of men experience daily; however, very few are vocal about it. Even in this advanced age, couples have certain myths about sex that are reflected in their ways while dealing with low libido issues in men. Both men and women rarely talk about men's libido problem - so says a study of sex therapists and counselors. Men find it demeaning to their manliness if they discuss problems of lack of sex drive. Women, on the other hand, feel they may be sidelined as unattractive or their partners may feel they're not able enough to arouse their passions.

But is it right to know the sex of your baby. A book titled 'The Tentative Pregnancy' by Barbara Katz Rothman details the pros and cons of it, and how it changes women's experiences during the pregnancy. Knowing the gender before birth can certainly enable you to think, dream about, and become close to the baby. But, it should not matter to the parents. Even if you have one boy and want a girl to complete the family or vice-versa, you should not get disappointed if you have two children of the same gender. As Jim Harrison had said, "I don't see gender as the most significant fact of human existence."

The adrenal gland produces lots of hormones that influence your sex life, including a hormone that helps to stimulate orgasm. In addition, vitamin C also strengthens your immune system, protects against stress and helps keep your joints limber and active. Can you see all the potential benefits from vitamin C? Good sources of vitamin C include strawberries, tomatoes and other citrus fruits, like oranges. Several other vitamins, including vitamin D, vitamin E and folic acid, have direct and indirect effects on a good sex life and good health in general. The next step is to plan meals accordingly so that you naturally consume enough of these vitamins to reap the benefits they have to offer.

It is only through education in schools, that students will get proper and honest information about sexually transmitted diseases. The grave dangers that these diseases pose to them, the physical and mental torture that they may have to go through if they fall prey to an STD, not to mention the social stigma associated with them, are well explained. This instills in the students a sense of responsibility that creeps out of fear for their health and life. As a result they behave more responsibly.

Schools that don't use the abstinence approach, prefer to go the 'safe sex' way. They have accepted the fact that the sexual activities of teenagers and even pre-teens cannot be controlled by a mere class taken in school. They know that the students have other resources thanks to the various forms and forums of information that are available today. So the schools would rather give them tips on how to engage in safe sex, by using appropriate birth control measures if they are sexually active, than preaching abstinence. They train them on using different methods of birth control, and also the dangers of teenage pregnancy.

As parents, you will need to understand your own preferences after you go through both the sides of this dilemma. I know, it will not be an easy choice as we tend to doubt our own decisions sometimes. If you do happen to enroll your child in single sex schools then all you need to do is ensure that you help your child in bridging the gap to help achieve what is lacking in his/her education system.

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