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To what lengths (exsort from my book)


 To what lengths would one go for that which they believe to be love?  How far would you walk to hold that one special person? How long are you willing to stay on the phone with that special person? What secrets are you willing to share to show that special one how important they are to you?


I never gave much thought to any of these questions until today… While standing at the airport; semi stranded, more embarrassed and confused than upset and hurt.


Seconds didn’t feel like some may call a minute but ran by me as if hours at end had taken its place.  I looked silly, there with my bags, as I stood alone and dumbfounded.  I looked lost and irritated, even though I knew exactly where I stood and where I came from.  Twenty-five text messages and fifteen calls later, still no word, no response, appears no remorse… actually I began to believe perhaps it was karma getting back at me, going to take me back for all the wrong that I have done, while singing me a song for the sake of it all.  With each text becoming longer, and each voice message, becoming non-existent, my imagination began to run away from me, and just like it sounds, that’s how it feels, how does it feel so far to you, just how it feels.


I just can’t explain all the things I was debating on, how they came back to me, with variations, while holding myself together, and trying to save the now.  Moving mountains and distance with my imagination, hoping and wishing for a logical excuse, but getting bruised by my own thoughts mental combat ability.  Who hired you to play this role, who are you helping drag me to a new low.  I just can’t help but wonder how far this has gone, how disturbed my views and perceptions on reality really been pushed to its limits.  A distortion of the ages, I’ve begun to question my reason for still sitting there, once again, I had hoped that I had become the victim of my own analytic tactical frame of mind and a mere electronical error had accrued showing glimpse of light at the end of this madness, something we both could laugh at as we laid next to one another later on that evening in her bedroom.


I feel cold, now waiting for the bus, decided to fly elsewhere without the resources to do so, but determined to escape this place.  Then she calls, and the words she said were totally uncalled for; how dare you use me for a trip, to see someone else? How dare you take advantage of me? I’m so mad at you right now; I never want to talk to you again.   Now at this point, I’m thinking this lady must think I’m a fool, if she thinks I will bite, bend my will of stone to rush to my knees and explain, that the words I shared thru the text told the story, even if I would have tried, she was no longer on the line.


A text seemed to be the best way to response since I was lacking the required depth in my vocals to advocate correctly, I deserve justice on the fact she obviously stepped over me, and walked thru me; there is no trip, no tickets to reach my destination.  I am not mad at you, just disappointed and confused, still trying to figure out what I did to deserve such harsh treatment, but that was neither here nor there, God don’t like ugly, lose my number, and thank you for wasting my time.  Something had to change; there was nothing I was saying wrong, just giving a true confession of a life lesson.


So back to the point, to what lengths would you go for change?  If this venture I had was for love, I would more than likely be destruct, but a move for change can take this hit.


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Female, 31, Milwaukee, WI

Posted August 18, 2009

Have you published this book? This is really good!


Female, 42, Hephzibah, GA

Posted August 18, 2009

I have read your blog and you are very talented especially i was betrayed that one was very good. Let me know when your book comes out

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