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Today I went to the beach


It was a long a waited day at the beach

Even now, I still don’t remember the last time I was there

The last time I ran in the water as if I was a kid

Without a care in the world, into the cold water

Today I went to the beach and played in the sand

How my toes disappeared into the floor as I ran

Diving head first into the salty water

Let’s see who can hold their breath the longest

I win I win… today I went to the beach

Without a care in the world, for that moment

I was a kid again… splashing and laughing

Stand on my shoulders I jump into the deep blue waves

Running towards us… you scream

The sun beaming down on us, I love my golden

Make over compliments of Mother Nature

Spit, splash… water in my noise, wait... Give me a second

Today I went to the beach and truly enjoyed myself

What did you do today? 

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Female, 44, Brandon, FL

Posted October 18, 2009

Today I just lived your day at the beach with you and felt a small amount of peace and joy that's eluded me for some time....beautiful picture in words

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