Under World

For those in the know



 The days they come and go,

Yet, I am standing strong

My nights are long and cold

But I must carry on

The eyes they glare at me

Its as plain as it could be

I am so all alone

Like you once said I’d be

At times I reach to thee

But your not here with me

Now I must carry on

This task I must achieve

This world I must confront

Cause on the ground I don’t belong

I should be soaring in the sky

Where all those dreams come alive

And the dance is here to stay

We both know I belong on broadway

Not off off in the streets

In the mist of bloody sheets

In some sleezy inn so far away

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Female, 31, Milwaukee, WI

Posted August 18, 2009



Female, Age Private, Redwood City, CA

Posted August 18, 2009

Very nice Antonio. I greatly appreciate you publishing more of your work for our enjoyment.


Female, 51, Carrollton, GA

Posted April 18, 2010

Hi, just want to say your writing is very warm and can feel what your saying, The world is alone, I mean if you do not, have christ in your heart, or acknowledge god, then the world is a cold and lonely place, yes you may have friends, that you hang out with, but are they really friends, will they come to you when your in a place, that seems like nothing is working. thats when we all need god, and sometimes he will send , a friend that is truly one sent from him, not trying to preach or anything, just saying what's in my heart, and hope it will help you, Thats why I do not consider what the world is doing, or care if someone say bad things about me, All I care about is what God thinks. and at the end of the day, that's all that matters. It gets dark yes, but then the sum rises, and its a beautiful day, as long as you know God take care.

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