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El amor es lo mas raro que ha podido existir.


Don't you just hate it when people say they "love" someone and then the next week they're broken up with that person.

Or when kids in middle school are like, "I want a serious relationship." Bitch you can't even drive yet and you can probably still order off the kids menu!

I don't know if I wanna fall in love. I think I'd rather fall in money.

I was at the store and I saw all the Valentine's Day stuff. I got to thinking, "Hmm. Wouldn't it be nice to have a girlfriend to give flowers and stuff to?" But why just on holidays. I'd give her flowers just because. I'd probably just plant her a rose garden myself so she can have flowers all year long. That way they won't die in a vase....or I could just buy some plastic roses.

I think I'll put that on my to do list. Find a girlfriend. I need a good pick up line maybe...Ey girl, if you were a Pokemon I'd choose you!



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Female, 39, Utica, NY

Posted February 28, 2010

very sincere thoughts, nice blog


Female, 26, Newport News, VA

Posted March 01, 2010

hyeyi now wat it true porque my ex broke up wit me too. he broke up wit me because of another guy.. he is a jerk. primero he asked me out %#&@$!ing about how his ex gurl broke up wit him on valentines day dem we go out and breaks up but dat wat i get going out wit a kid he was only fuq** 16.


Female, 46, Phoenix, AZ

Posted March 14, 2010

Sweet. You have a really sweet mind too. Stay sweet and don't get too broken.


Female, 31, Milwaukee, WI

Posted March 20, 2010

Very cute! I wish I would get flowers, I haven't been given any in over a year, lol. Love is very unpredictable...


Female, 46, Brooklyn, NY

Posted April 03, 2010

I like the way you think " Plastic flowers" lol
Falling in love is a process that can take some time. I am sure that with that way of thinking you won't have a problem finding someone.


Female, 54, Beverly Hills, CA

Posted April 06, 2010

Fall in love with the money, baby, and leave all that emotional crap for the rookies. By the way, the rosebush idea is smooth. It sounds soooo romantic and thoughtful, but we both know that planting that bush for $25.00 will save you hundreds in FTD charges over the course of your relationship. And as an added bonus, if you have a bad breakup with her, you can tie it to the back of your truck, rip it out of the ground, and plant it in your next girlfriend's yard! LOL


Female, 29, Adair, IL

Posted April 08, 2010

sweet reaction


Female, 27, Marshes Siding, KY

Posted April 29, 2010

yO I GET watu sayin cuz ppl jus like to be overdramatic so they say dey luv someone


Female, 30, Atlanta, GA

Posted June 02, 2010

Lol! That's a good pick up line. Soooooo funny.
Love is a funny thing. Or at least romantic love is anyway. Ppl often confuse that fuzzy feeling in their belly ( I like to call it lust butterflies) with being in love but that's not the reality. But compatibility attraction and attachment r the things that make the lust butterflies stick around.

I have also found that if u keep girls happy they keep u happy. So random just because gifts r a good I dea. Smh! I while have been a boy. Lol but then I wouldn't understand girls. Lol


Female, 32, Fayetteville, NC

Posted June 15, 2010

FUnny my bf tells me all te time mami i got big love 4 u eh but soon as e dont get his way e break up wit me get baktogether then break up again n e just say anything o but so much love a lol we r broken up now

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