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Top Tips To Avoid Digital Product Piracy


If you sell digital products on the World Wide Web, you should take steps to check digital piracy. It is almost impossible to stop piracy completely; however at times it is just too simple for online thieves to steal your products. Presented below are some tips you can use to make life more difficult for online pirates. Contact DMCA Takedown Service to learn about effective ways to protect your digital products from authorized downloads.

Secure Your Thank You/Download Page

Name your download page using random letters and numbers. Otherwise, your page will show up when people perform keyword searches via Google and other search engines.

Utilize Protective Software

There are certain software programs that you can use to protect your digital files. These programs are quite effective at protecting different types of digital products by limiting access to the product. It does this by utilizing a blend of the customer's IP (internet protocol) address and a code. Even when the client shares the file, it will not be stable on any other internet protocol. In addition, some of these programs can enable you to disable refunded or returned products. Several individuals purchase a product, request for a refund and continue using the product. Check out digital copyright protection if you are looking for ways to protect your digital information products from online piracy.

Encrypt Your Payment Buttons

If you use PayPal to get your payment from your clients, you should encrypt the button. You can choose this option when you are creating the button. If you fail to do this, people can easily find out where your download page is located by hanging their mouse over or around the button.

Limit Search Robot's Access

Search robots search for a file with the name "robots.txt" within your root domain. The robots.text file lets search robots know where they're permitted to search. If the robots cannot find this file, they will search all parts of your site and they can easily find your digital product. For additional information about this, get in touch with the Dmca Takedown Czar.

You put in a lot of time and effort to create your digital information product, thus it is important that you get all the sales and income you deserve. Do not allow online thieves to steal your income. As the internet develops, the problem of piracy continues to grow. You must do everything you can to stop it. DMCA Takedown can show you effective ways to check the activities of online pirates.

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