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Treatments That Really Work For Panic Attack Sufferers


At some time in our life many of us will endure a panic attack, although panic attacks are something nobody wants to suffer from. The key to ensuring you're not debilitated by the panic attacks is to simply understand how to treat them properly. A variety of factors will determine what sort of treatment is required for your panic attacks, and there are treatments varying from very simple to very complicated (such as medications). If you would like to start taking control over your own anxiety attacks, however, keep reading. In this article we will be going over a few of them.

Oblige physical pressure. Steady and deep physical pressure can help you calm down. This resembles hugging, but it is necessary to be hugged very hard. This will help cause a reaction in your brain that will give you enough sense of the situation to calm down and withstand the fear. This sort of treatment has also been applied to circumstances involving people with Asbergers and Autism.

This may be just right for you. As an added bonus: you'll be getting a hug! When is the last time you knew someone who does not like a hug once in awhile?

It's important, also, to talk to those closest to you about your anxiety condition. True, it's not exactly in the realm of "treatments", but it will help you. This is because you will not always be able to recognize your panic attacks when they set in.

Watch the following video:

Your friends and family, however, should be able to tell when you are in the throes of an attack and help you out of it. The comfort of having someone around that understands what a panic attack does to you is sometimes all you need to control the attack.

Even when fear is present, it's important to take deep, relaxing belly-breaths so you begin to relax. Proper breathing is very important and can help you stay calm enough to work through or even wait out your panic attack. A simple remedy to try when you begin to feel overcome by feelings of panic is to make your body relax as best you can and inhale and exhale deep, slow breaths. If you are inclined to hyperventilate, a small paper bag kept close by can be used for relief by breathing into it. If you don't get relief by trying the above breathing techniques, take it a step further. While seated, lean down and position your head between your knees. Then continue the deep breathing. In due course, the panic attack will be over. There are various ways of treating panic attacks. The proper treatment for panic attacks will all boil down to the kind of attack and what triggered it. Another factor is how often you suffer from these attacks. Sometimes you just need to acknowledge your fear to control an attack. Medical intervention may be needed other times. From person to person it varies a lot. Work with your physician and counselor to make sure that your panic attacks are properly diagnosed and treated.

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