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Dating fine honeys application


Dating fine honeys application
Todays date:___/___/______ VIP lady's only Pg.1
Date of birth





Have you had any surgeries done plastic surgery to alter your appearance facial or body? If so when did you have them done and what are they?

Have you been tested for any std's or have you had any std's? If so when and what?
And are you healthy now free of illnesses?

Do you wear wigs? Is your hair real a wig or is it weave or weaving?

What color are your eyes without contact's?

What color is your hair naturally?

What is your religious belief?

How tall are you without heels?

Do you smoke, drink or both?
If so when and how often?

Are you a frequent drug user? If so what drugs are you on?
Or are you drug free?

Do you have a healthy habit of cleaning your teeth?
Are you cavity free?

Have you ever had a mouth sore because they are contagious when kissing? If so when and did you seek medical treatment?

Do you have any health issues that I need to know about that may affect you dramatically if we are on a date? so that way I can be prepared

Do you have any allergies? If so what are they?

What is your favorite food?

What are your favorite colors?

Do you like to dance? If so what kind of music?

What is your favorite sexual position?

Do you practice safe sex?

Honeys will not be discriminated against based on their answers and by signing this application listed below you agree that the Information you provided is 100% true free from any lies or deceit
Signature_____________________ _______ Date: ___/___/______

Thank you for your interest if you are selected as a suitable candidate I will call you at a private and secure number that you provide below and schedule a date
Phone: ___-___-______
Other: ___-___-______

Produced by: ACE K-9 Don P Papa

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