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Understand The Vast Importance Of Herbicides


The healthy growth of plants depends on the absence of weeds and fungus in the area. Since it is very difficult to control their appearance, it is better to take preventive action or eliminate them thoroughly whenever they appear. The purpose of chemicals is to kill the weeds and parasites that feed on crops while leaving the crops unharmed. There are different kinds of products for different kinds of unwanted plants. Each product targets a specific kind of plant or parasite. Most of the products are used in the agricultural industry to keep crops safe. They are also used to clear areas where some construction is about to come up.

The chemicals used in the manufacture of herbicides have various levels of toxicity. The use is restricted by the toxicity of the product and the severity of the problem. Exposure to products can sometimes be a problem too. You can get rashes on your skin if they come in contact with. Too much toxicity of the product sometimes can be fatal also. You may get affected by consuming it accidentally or inhaling some aerial spray containing the product. Usage of these chemicals has to be proper including transportation and storage. Handling has to be done by experienced and expert people.

The chemicals can get into unwanted area by accident. Runoffs containing chemicals can contaminate water reservoirs. Chemical absorbed by the ground can lead to contamination of the ground water. Strong wind can blow chemicals sprayed over an area to other areas contaminating whatever it comes in contact with. The effects of contamination can be cancerous also which may finally lead to death.  There are a lot of things to be considered when using these chemicals such as the weather, the ground conditions, the proximity to humans and other animals and many more.

The chemicals used in the manufacture of the product causes a negative impact on the bird population also. Birds keep away from places where the chemical has been used, as food in the area become unavailable to them. The seed-eating variety of the birds is the first to move out, as the weeds on which they depend for food are no more there. Birds are the most affected by the use of these chemicals. It has been found that migratory birds tend to avoid the areas when there has been extensive use of these chemicals. Even frogs leave their living spaces and move to other areas where the water is fresher.

The biggest challenge the world face today iscombating the new generation of weeds thatare resistant to a lot of chemicals. The increase of immunity can happen if the same type of chemical is used continuously in some particular area for a long time. Various types of farming techniques are used to reduce the effect of these chemicals. Various products are used for different crops to reduce the growth of immunity. The growth of immunity of weeds to certain chemicals means that you have to develop new combinations that get through the barrier of immunity.

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