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Newer Techniques Of Wastewater Treatment For Higher Performance


By: Borism

Food, water and energy securities are currents the most pressing issues for India and the world. The pressure on water resources like river basins, ground water sources and canals due to rapid agricultural, industrial and urban requirements. On one side the changing water distribution is due to the developmental pressure. In India groundwater alone meets 85% requirement of the population. It is being predicted that by 2020 with the average availability of water steadily decreasing India will become a water stressed nation.

Only about half the cities are supplied with piped water and the ones with more than a million populations is supplied water few hours per day. So large need but so limited supply forces us to think about wastewater treatment more seriously. Traditionally the water sector in India is controlled and owned by the government. Not being able to solve the problem single handedly government is encouraging private sectors to participate in wastewater management. The current sewage treatment plants in India treat only 60% of industrial water and barely 26% of domestic water.

Trained officials and volunteers constantly check the condition of rivers, streams, lakes etc. Field testing is important as it gives readings in real time. There is a variety of water testing equipments that are used. Few very commonly used are for test of ammonia and chlorine for water quality and for water distribution and wastewater treatment respectively. Turbidity meter determines the clarity while for water pollution control dissolved oxygen quantity is determined. To test for total iron amount conductivity test is performed.

At the water treatment plant after the preliminary treatment such as bar screen and grit removal sludge moves to the oxidation ditch where aerators or fine bubble diffusers are used to circulate the liquor. The mixing process helps oxygen mix in the liquid and foster microbial growth and the circulating water at fixed velocity will ensure microorganism contact the grass is greener over the septic tank with incoming wastewater. In most industrial wastewater treatment water aeration automation systems has been using jet aerators and it shows superior oxygen transfer efficiency compared to the aeration technology. The hydrodynamic condition within the jet and fine bubble cloud produce continuous surface renewal at the liquid interface resulting in higher alpha factors and this process results in higher performance oxygen transfer.

It is important to keep our living environment hygienic and healthy and keep our water bodies clean. A water treatment process combines microbiology and chemistry with mechanical engineering, instrumentation and automation techniques offer high performance. There are very few automated treatment plants in India and one is Eurotek Environment Pvt Ltd.

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