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New Bulk Search and Multi-Load From History Features!


Hey guys were excited to announce a new set of features that I think many users will love! The first is our new bulk search feature. It allows you to search multiple keywords (up to 5), from whichever sources youd like at once rather than oneat a time.This makes it easy to get tons of keyword suggestions and work with all of them at once.

The 2nd is our Multi-Load from history feature. This allows you to load multiple keywords from your history and work with them at all at once rather than one at a time. Lets take a look.

Keysearch Multi-Search Feature

Lets say we want to get keyword suggestions fora few different keywords that are all in a similar topic. Just click on the + sign box and it will open another set of search controls. Each time you click it, it will open another set of search controls.


As you can see you can choose different search types for each keyword, such as Keyword Planner, Google Suggest ect. Once you are ready just click the search button and it will grab the keyword suggestions for all searches.

Once the searches are loaded up you can sift through the pages of results by clicking the green page tabs and also filter through all results normally.


KeysearchMulti-Load From History

This feature is fairly straight forward. Just click the folder icon next to the search bar to bring up your history popup. Then check the boxes next to the keywords youd like to load up and click the show searches button at the bottom of the popup. All keywords selected will then load up so you can work with many different keyword suggestion sets all at once. This makes it easier to filter through large sets of keywords at once.


As usual we are always adding more features to Keysearch so stay tuned! ulk-search-feature/

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