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Why You Should Consider Chats As A Business Strategy


Have you ever wondered how great it would be you could get across to your customers instantly and without anything getting in the way? Have you ever wished you could get in touch with your precious customers just like you get connected in Whatsapp with via messages in a jiffy?

In a fast moving world powered by technology; Communication has never been easier! For Businesses, a solid communication strategy is quintessential to its running. To make one’s brand stand out lies in how well they adapt to the changing demands and connect with customers at their convenience.

If you have never been a fan of messaging, it's time you re- consider the benefits it can bring to your Business/ stores.

It's simple

Messaging is one of the most simplistic modes of communication that can be used by stores and businesses to engage with their customer. While some may be apprehensive about it, the truth is it has more chances of being read by the customer than emails. Say, you have some pretty good offers in your store and you want to communicate them. Some may opt to advertise about it, which increases the cost.  While preparing a mailing list seems like a viable plan the responses to it are however unsure. 

Now picture this, you are talking about your offers directly to customers via chats (like you do in WhatsApp) without any hassle , no extra costs and no hard labor of preparing huge mailing lists and sending them only to know they all end up as spam! It cannot get any simpler than that.

It’s quick

The one cool thing about messaging is that it's instant and it is a quality very rarely overlooked by businesses because it saves them time and effort. Live Chat Application like HashMyBag allow quick and easy sharing of information, deals, offers to customers directly.

It’s direct

The great thing about adopting messaging to communicate with customers is that its direct Best Chat Application, One to One with no third party interference.  From business straight to the consumer.  If Customer Relation Management has taught us anything it is to a establish quality communication with a systematic feedback analysis. And what better way build conversations and encourage easy feedbacks than chats? It is certainly better than having to fill a 4 page survey.

It’s Everywhere

The use of smartphones ones has transformed the business landscape. This has led to the opening of new avenues for these Business Chat application to explore, and use in the most creative manner to connect. Technology has turned phones into really versatile devices and the one thing that distinguishes them is that it can be carried literally anywhere! That alone gives business a unique advantage. It allows connecting with customers where they are most comfortable and without interfering with their daily activities.

Winning customer confidence and loyalty is paramount when It comes to business. As the saying going customer is king and without them, there is no business!. What proves crucial is engaging in frank conversations with customers


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