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Alfagy.Com - Chp Cogeneration Heat Energy Boiler - Carbon Filters


Alfagy gives power, warmth, vapor, cooling down and also cogeneration CHP plant that conserve power expenses and also gain even more revenues. Our Incorporated Warm and also Power plants are the ideal worth in the market with the quickest ROI!

Making use of gas, biomass, biofuel or biogas CHP and also Cogeneration, the modern technology provide tried and tested as well as excellent revenues.

We have a wide variety of Gas CHPs, generators and also cogeneration devices available. A big supply of instantly offered engines can be delivered worldwide at a minutes notification. Alfagy's gas CHP (cogeneration) as well as generators produce even more earnings compared to other maker.

Alfagy is a leading service provider of CHP and also Cogeneration plant throughout the globe. We have a variety of previously owned as well as brand-new devices in supply for prompt provide at small cost as well as high performance. We usually customize remedies not to fit the demands of the customer instead of our basic service.

Each item of carbon is created to give a big section of surface, in order to enable pollutants the most possible direct exposure to the filter media. One pound (450 g) of turned on carbon includes an area of roughly 100 acres (40 Hectares).


This carbon is typically triggered with a favorable charge and also is developed to draw in negatively charged water impurities. Carbon filtering system is typically utilized for water purification, yet is also made use of in air cleansers.


Carbon filters are most efficient at getting rid of H2S, siloxanes as well as volatile natural substances (VOCs) from biogas derived from the anaerobic digestion process.


Typical bit dimensions that can be eliminated by carbon filters range from 0.5 to 50 micrometres. The particle size will be made use of as part of the filter summary. The efficiency of a carbon filter is additionally based upon the circulation price guideline. When the water is permitted to move with the filter at a slower rate, the pollutants are exposed to the filter media for a longer quantity of time.


Alfagy provides organic H2S scrubbers. The initial biological gas cleaner was commissioned more than 15 years earlier. Key placements are held by engineers that have years of sensible experience as operation managers on biogas plants or similar positions. The core expertise lies in item development, sales, task administration and also solution. Production is performed at a minimal variety of chosen sub-suppliers, both in Europe, Southeast Asia, North America and South The U.S.A..


Alfagy gas cleaners are installed at biogas plants where biogas desulphurisation is needed. The hydrogen sulphide (H2S) is removed from the biogas in a biological process. The business's H2S scrubbers are offered in 4 different product types.


For smaller sized and also tool sized jobs Alfagy supplies gas cleansers developed into common 20' or 40' delivery containers. This type of gas cleaners can easily and in-expensively be dispersed worldwide by vehicles as well as container ships.


Pumps, blower, PLC controller, and so on, are set up in the equipment area which is placed at the front of the container.


Biogas is significantly essential as source of lasting power. When biogas is created via any form of anaerobic food digestion, it will certainly be primarily contaminated with hydrogen sulphide. The focus can differ from 200 ppm as much as several quantity each centage points.


Elimination of H2S is often needed for factors of health and wellness, security, environment and corrosion of equipment such as gas engines, boilers as well as piping. Desulphurization is also is essential when biogas is upgraded to gas top quality as well as infused in the grid.


Of the many techniques available, AlfagyCleanGas is the most elegant. This technology is really trustworthy (> 98% uptime) and also reveals deep removal of hydrogen sulphide. Notably, the caloric value of the biogas is preserved as it does not thin down biogas with air or oxygen.


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